Saturday, January 2, 2010


No, no, I am not talking about my brother in law for once.

This is my new nemesis:

The holidays are finally over... and the least fun week of the month will be over in a day or two... and so help me, if the number on the scale does not start going down... Well, bad things will happen to the scale, and I will start pounding the pavement like a crazy person.

No more excuses... no more tapping out of running after the kids are in bed... no more of Zaile's potty training M&Ms... and no more cheese trays!

I will get down to light weight. I will do it right, and I will not be a zombie on competition day. but to do that, I will have to have an iron will.

I just weighed my self... 148.2 -Thank you holidays.

I want to get to 133 ideally. The cut off is 134.9, but I need to take clothes and being a living human body into consideration so I want to give myself a little wiggle room.

Nerd brain calculations:

15.2 pounds is what I need to lose, and if I do not weigh in the night before, I have 42 days to lose it. I need to average a loss of .37 pounds a day...

My current BMI is 21.9

I need to get it down to 19.6

I will post my weight, and BMI every day.


  1. Yikes, I am the same height as you but much heavier. There is no way I would ever get down to lightweight. My goal is to hit medium heavy (under 163 in my Gi) by the end of January, only 7 pounds.

    Good luck

  2. I am a bit of a bean pole... I don't mind so much, but it leaves me with microscopic boobs and no booty. lol

    I don't want to stay at 135, I do think I will be too thin, but I don't mind doing it for a competition... and I think this will be the only competition I do this for.

    I will be in the novice division (Under 6 months) by literally a few days, so provided there are no sand baggers, I should have the most training, and if I can drop this weight, I will be a GIANT in my weight class. lol Though, it worries me a little... if I do it, and get my butt handed to me, I will feel like crap.

    What competition requires you to weigh in, in your gi?

    And thanks! good luck to you too!

  3. At my gym there are a few other women who train, most are just around 5 feet and probably 130 pounds (black belt a purple belt and a few whites). I find it hard to get my legs in because their torso's are so short. I really prefer rolling with the taller guys, but then I am more likely to get squished.

    I think the weighing in wearing your Gi is an Ontario thing. Here's the link for the competition

    And you have to weigh in just before you compete, if you don't make it you're out.

    I've pretty much got about the same experience as you, but the competition levels are just based on belt colours. This would be my first competition, and I am a little afraid to sign up. I'll just have to tell the coach I want to go and see what he says.

    Hey, have you managed to find a Gi that doesn't look like you are waiting for a flood and that your arms have sprouted?

  4. There is a competition here in Florida with rules like that. You weigh in right before you fight, in your fight gear, and they also don't allow coaching on the side lines. My instructor says those are traditional Brazilian rules.

    Good luck with your competition!! I was SO terrified for my first one. I've never been into sports, or anything like that in my life, and I'd never competed or preformed in anything... It was a totally new experience for me, and I was so scared. (It didn't help that I had 3 months of training, and Ifirst girl I fought had four stripes on her belt, and 67 pounds on me.) haha - Walking out on to the mat, I could feel my hands shaking, but when I shook the girls hand, and the ref said go, my head cleared and I was able to focus..(I am using the word 'focus' loosely here.. lol) and I ended up taking a medal home. Yay!

    And no... my gi pants and sleeves are too short. I have been scouring various gi brand's size charts looking for some that might be more geared toward tall people who aren't 200 pounds.... but I haven't had very much luck. I think I am going to make a trip to this MMA warehouse about 45 minutes from where I live to see if I am able to try some gis on.

    If I find any that have a nice fit, I'll let you know.

  5. So, have you noticed how the sizing charts for gis are a lot like the sizing charts for pantyhose?

    I've been looking for a while for a Gi that fits. I'm in the process of buying another; the company is helping me to get the right size. I'll let you know if it works.