Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good news!

My rib is well enough to grapple, which means, NAGA is a go!

I can feel it when I take deep breaths, bend certain ways, and when I pull things with my left arm.  But I can grapple with it.

I am on pace to make it to lightweight by February 13th.

I also found out that the April NAGA was cancelled, but there is a Grapplers Quest tournament that same weekend.  So, I can still compete for my birthday!  Woohooo!

AND - I have decided on a gi.  I just have to stop dumping all my extra money into competitions so I can afford one.  hehe

I fall slightly out of the size range, but I love their gis, and I love their message.

I also got a second stripe last night.  =) .. and for the second time, I have mixed feelings...  Proud that my instructor thinks I deserve a stripe, but also undeserving and embarrassed.  It is an interesting combination of emotions.  lol


  1. Those gis look cool.

    Once you get it please post how it fits.

  2. The NAGA Worlds on April 10th, 2010 has been cancelled? THAT SUCKS!!!! Thank God Grapplers Quest is March 20th in nearby Caldwell, New Jersey.

  3. The NAGA in Orlando, Florida was cancelled. I think it was the weekend on the 17th.

  4. Like the gi. Might get one in black and pink. We'll look like girly ninja's together. Woohoo! lol.

    Glad your rib is feeling better. Now if only we can get your weird upper respiratory eye infection thingy and my stupid cold under control then we can start training hard again!!