Monday, January 25, 2010

Woohoo! I worked it in!

I was going for knee on belly tonight, and I got it!  Once.

Though, honestly I only rolled with two people I was willing to do it to, one of which was Rhino... and of course I couldn't do it to him.  The other was another female white belt, and she happens to be the only female I train with who is larger then I am.  The other girls are so tiny, as in they barely push 100 pounds, that I couldn't being myself to go knee on belly with them.

I was happy.  That was really the only time I have ever gone to class with a direct agenda.  I normally go thinking, I am going to try to work sweeps, or work on getting on top, and staying there... something vague... but this time I went with a plan, and was actually able to pull it off.

I didn't hold it for very long, but it was because she asked me to get off.

I may ask Fabio if he would be willing to put me with more guys since NAGA is right around the corner.   I really do not like to roll hard with the smaller girls, esp considering I have more training them most of them.

We also worked gi chokes... pretty basic ones, but I always notice new little things when we do them, and Ben showed a few of the girls an AWESOME little trick that makes the choke so super tight.  I got to use it in a grapple as well.  Yay for chokes.  The only submissions I can ever work.  lol


  1. Make sure Fabio knows you are planning to go to NAGA. Right now he seems to think I am the only one, and is debating whether to head up there on Friday or not.

  2. I will tell him tonight. I know Derrick is planning on going too.

    Fabio mentioned it at the end of class on Monday, so hopefully some other people speak up too. It would be weird if he was only taking three people. lol