Monday, January 25, 2010

White gi?

I am about to get a new gi.

I keep going back and fourth on which gi I want... and I keep leaning toward a white one, but then I look at the guys white gis in class, and they look so nasty.

Blood, dirt, yellowy sweat stains... Ew.

It is that the guys don't care what their gi looks like, or is white just that hard to keep looking clean?


  1. My white gi is holding up well in color; it's just now starting to get places that aren't coming out in normal washing. I keep meaning to use pre-wash and/or scrub it before washing, but I keep forgetting. I do wash my gi as soon as I get home every nigh, but I know some of the guys talk about washing all their gis at one time during the week.

  2. The white gi is hard to keep totally clean.

    I use a scoop of OxyClean when I wash it, but there is still some discoloration in the collar. Pretty much where it gets sweaty and grabbed for chokes.

    The worst stuff to get out was the makeup that one new girl wore to class. Foundation + BJJ does not mix.

    I also wash my gi as soon as I get home.

  3. Thanks for your imput! I want to get a nice gi this time around, and only use it for competitions, or when I train so many times in a row that my gi doesn't have time to dry, or I forget to wash it. So, I do think it would be a while before it started to get dingy.

    I also wash mine as soon as I get home, it is dark blue, but I worry about stink getting so ingrained I won't be able to wash it out. hehe =)

    And Laura - I didn't even think about make up! I don't wear it to class, unless I head there straight after something else, but I don't wear foundation anyway. However, I do train with a woman who does. She is super cool about warning you that she has it on though.

  4. guys dont care about discoloration and blood on a gi is a point of pride :)

    If you buy an unbleached gi from Atama they are already yellowish....

    Final point, a shiny white gi screams newby

  5. @ Anonymous - Yet several more points on how women are different then me. hehe

    Blood stain = Eww, possible bio-hazard.

    Shiny white gi screams if you grapple me, my body odor probably won't make your eyes water. =)

  6. "Shiny white gi screams if you grapple me, my body odor probably won't make your eyes water. =)"

    LOL, yes! I see Anonymous' point, but I think you can tell when a white gi is clean but worn in and when it still has box creases. A floppy, worn-in belt helps, too. (I let my blue and black gis fade in color; the fade says that I've had them awhile.)

  7. If you're not going to IBJJF tournaments (where the only legal colors are blue and white) why not dye your gi? Heck, even at the IBJJF ones, they don't specify what shade of blue.

    And despite what everyone says, occasional bleaching doesn't "dissolve" gis. I bleach mine maybe once a month.

  8. Georgette - Thanks for the heads up on the IBJJF color rules. I might be going to one at the end of February, and had no idea they had color specific rules. I knew they had length rules, and that I have to weigh in, in my gi, but that was all I knew regrading gis.