Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is the last one, I swear.

I know I've posted news articles the past two days, but I just came across another one I wanted to share.

I came across this little blurb about my team, Brotherhood BJJ.

Woohoo Brotherhood!


In class last night we worked take downs. Allie and I both pulled or jumped guard in the November NAGA, so they went over some pretty basic take downs that would work well for us in competition. I think the heel pick, which seems to be the most basic take down, will work well for me with my go-go gadget arms. We did one minute drills where one pair at a time went and tried to take each other down, and once we were on the mat we got back up and started again. I managed two take downs, which also happens to be the total number of take downs I have done in my short BJJ career.... in a competition or otherwise. So, I have officially doubled my total number of live take downs. hehe =) 2 to 4... baby steps, baby steps.

This NAGA I am going to at least attempt take downs. I jumped guard every single time in November, and both fights I lost, I lost by one point. Had I taken them down instead of jumping guard I could have won. So, that is my goal for February... take someone down.

Allie and I are going to get to class early for the next few weeks and just drill the takes downs over and over until a week or two before NAGA. Most of my major bumps and bruises have been from take downs and throws and we want to give our selves some time to recover.

And weight wise, I was up .2 today. Boo! That puts me .1 behind schedule.

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