Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's call it motivation...

I just remembered that I had not seen the photos taken at my first competition.

I was scrolling through them, 90% of them were photos of people with their medals, and the banner.  The other 9% were of the one black belt fight.   That's 99%, I know.  The other pictures:

Why yes, that is me being triangled.  Thanks Second Annual De la Riva Cup, thanks.



  1. HAAHAHAHA But you had only been grappling 2 and 1/2 months at that point and she'd been doing it 8. You did awesome considering how long you'd been training. And I do believe you placed at that tournament!! ;)

  2. hahaha! Thanks. =) Surprisingly, that fight was my favorite of the day.

    It may be because my other fights were against a 208 pound poor sport, but either way, Tania was super nice, and she beat me fairly, and I had fun grappling her.