Tuesday, December 29, 2009

44 days and counting

I will make light weight for the next NAGA.

I'm 5'9 and my training partner is 5'4. At the November NAGA she was easily the biggest girl in her class. ... and I dwarf her. (And I say biggest, but she is tiny.) I was aching to grapple the little twigs she got to fight. lol

I have 44 days to drop 15 pounds. I put on a few pounds over Christmas because I trained less, and had to eat three Christmas dinners. ... And for the love of all that is holy, if you put cheese and crackers out on a tray, I will eat them... all.

Anyway, I lost 8 pounds for De la Riva and it wasn't too hard, and I did that in 16 days.

This time I have to lose a little more, but I have much longer to do it. ... and I will do it.


The only thing I am unsure of is where I should try and maintain. I think I was looking a little bony at 140. I can pretty much eat what I want (except for epic amounts of cheese trays) and stay at 145... but that means I will be going up and down 10 pounds between competitions. But I guess as long as I keep myself healthy while I do it, it shouldn't matter that much.

Maybe between the Feb, and June NAGAs I will just let my body do what it wants and see where I even out. I've never been as low as 135 as an adult and there are no major food holidays between those NAGAs, so maybe I won't get back up to 145... I plan to compete every 3 months provided everything works out. I'm sure I will miss a few. It takes a lot of planning to go away for a weekend when you have two small children.

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  1. So you got the grappling bug too :-) nice... come train with us, and follow some intense fat shredding workouts to get you in the best fighting shape of your life.