Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A tribute to BJJ

Sunday, November 28, 2010

We got a puppy!

His name is Pikachu.  Yes, like the Pokemon.

You can read more about him here if you're interested in puppy talk.  lol

And yes, I double blogged about it... but this is one of those things that require a double blog.  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cauliflower ear .... Don't do it!

I recently reviewed my stat tracker, and a surprising number of people have come this way by Googling various cauliflower ear phrases.  The two that stood out to me, were “I want cauliflower ear” and “Do girls like cauliflower ear?”

I know it’s not my business what you do with your ear, but my unwanted two cents on the matter are simply… 

Please do not permanently disfigure your ears.  I would equate purposefully giving yourself cauliflower ear to giving yourself a grotesque, 3D tattoo on your face.  It will never go away.  You will regret it when you are older.  It does not make you look awesome.  Girls do not like it… well, at least not this girl, nor any other female that I’ve ever spoken to on the matter, and it would seem that girls who do not themselves fight have no idea how people get cauliflower ear.  So, any impression you were hoping to give about being an awesome fighter will be all but lost on them.  Besides, if a girl does like cauliflower, and chooses to date you based on the fact that you have it… Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t base a relationship on something as earth shatteringly deep, as cauliflower ear.  Don’t do it.  Please.  Your mother will thank you.  

And to those of you who came this way wondering how to drain your ear, or how often to do it, I can point you in the right direction…. Georgette's World This information worked well for me.  I had some fluid buildup in my ear, and by following these instructions, my ear is very happily free of deformation.

Monday, October 25, 2010


It.  Is.  Time.

=Insert happy dance here=

As Allie mentioned in her blog we are transforming her barn into a gym!  We cleaned the floors and laid the mats today.

I'm not ready to head back to class just yet, but this will be a nice little bridge to get me through my little.. or long as it would seem....hiatus.

I'm going to hang my bag out there too, and bring my treadmill...  Allie is going to move her exerciser equipment out there as well.  We will have our own personal little Jiu-jitsu gym!

I'm actually shocked at how quickly it has all come together.

I soooo can not wait to get out there and actually grapple!

This will also help me to not give everyone tetanus from my epic rustiness when I eventually make it back to Fabio's.


So much for my tattoo.. lol

Stole a couple of pics from Allie:

And of course, Allie and I being our awesome selves.  lol

Monday, October 11, 2010


Pardon my shouting, but I am really excited.


This combines many of my loves.

Nerdery.  Obstacles. Fitness.  Costumes.

Allie and I will be running this obstacle course.

It's like the medieval fair + obstacle course.

= insert Braveheart freedom yell here  =

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The 12 Commandments of Jiu-jitsu

12 Commandments of Jiu Jitsu by Carlos Gracie Sr:

1. Be so strong that nothing can disturb the peace of your mind.
2. Talk to all people about happiness, health, and prosperity.
3. Give to all your friends the feeling of being valued.
4. Look at things by the enlightened point of view and update your optimism on reality.
5. Think only about the best, work only for the best, and always expect the best.
6. Be as just and enthusiastic about others victories as you are with yours.
7. Forget about past mistakes and focus your energy on the victories of tomorrow.
8. Always make those around you happy and keep a smile to all people who talk to you.
9. Apply the largest amount of your time on self-improvement and no time in criticizing others.
10. Be big enough so you can feel unsatisfied, be noble enough so you can feel anger, be strong enough so you can feel fear, and be happy enough so you can feel frustrations.
11. Hold a good opinion about your self and communicate that to the world, but not through dissonant words but through good works.
12. Believe strongly that the world is in your side, as long as you stay loyal to the best of yourself.

I love these!!  They apply to life in general too... not just Jiu-jitsu.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I had a dream last night... and you were there, and you, and you....

I had a weird BJJ blog dream last night.. and since some of my fellow bloggers were in it, I thought I would blog about it...  But now that I am about to openly tell people I have never met that I had a dream about them... I am second guessing it.  lol

Oh well, sorry if I creep you out...

So, to the dream.

I dreamed I was at my old school, Summerlin, the one that closed down, and Mario, my instructor that left BJJ forever was still instructing.  Not so weird.  Except that all my team mates had been replaced by BJJ bloggers.  Dev was there, Laura was there, so was Steve  wearing his super awesome Orange Gi  and in my dream I told him I loved it about 900 times...like a creppy weirdo.  I also got to grapple Georgette.  This btw, was my first day back to class after my still on going hiatus.  (That will hopefully come to a real end soon, not just a dream end.)

I kept telling her to go easy on me, and that I would probably have zero gas, and super slow reaction time... Which btw I did... and I had to stop our grapple before it was even over.

That was pretty much it.  lol

I figure I had the dream because I was reading jits blogs before bed, and miss it like crazy, and I am afraid I am going to suck when I do make it back.

Again, sorry if I creeped anyone out.... I just wanted to share.  =)

Friday, July 2, 2010

The silver lining still sucks when the rain cloud is no BJJ.

Silver lining....

All of my little nagging bumps and bruises have all healed, and my finger and and toe nails once again look like they belong to a female.  I also have significantly less laundry to do, as I do not have to wash and dry my gi every single day.

...  but I am still counting the days.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Garage almost done!

Since I can not go to class, I am turning my garage into a gym... and I am almost done!


I just need one more 5x10 mat, and I will have everything I need!  (Well, I want to get a weight set, but that isn't really a priority at this point as I have joined a gym.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fantastic Gis

Even though I am not grappling right now, I can still blog about gis.  =)


They just put out their lotus series, and I love the Fenom Classic so much, I plan on getting a Fenom Lotus gi as soon as I get back to the mat.

Just wanted to pass along the news.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I still can not get over what a cool guy he was.  Friendly, nice, and all the while a little scary.  =)  He has this, I-am-awesome-and-I-know it kind of aura about him, but not in a cocky way, but these are just the facts kind of way.  I can't explain it, but he was just really great.

He taught the seminar, obviously, and two of Fabio's regular classes afterward.  He is leaving tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  I can honestly say I am going to miss him. I can NOT wait until next year!

My favorite thing I learned from him is this froward shoulder roll from top half guard that lands you with your opponent's back.  I love it.  A lot of the other techniques he showed revolved around getting to the back or attacking the back... which I really appreciated because, that is my favorite place to be.  Now I know 3 or 4 new ways to get there.

 I can totally see where Fabio gets his style of teaching.  I could see a lot of Fabio's style in Saporito, and it was really neat to see first hand where Fabio comes from.... well, where Fabio's BJJ comes from anyway.

Even off the mat he was a really great guy.  I take my kids to the day time classes, and he was really nice to them, played with them, and even let Zaile play with his belt!  I took pictures.  hehe

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smooth like butter....

This blog is specifically for my teammates.

I'd like to clear a few things up...  lol

You see the box to the right of this blog entry... "Search this blog".  In the entry field, I would like you to type "butter" and see that nothing comes up... at least nothing in reference to Kyle.  I never said anything about butter cookies, or grappling in butter, or that Kyle grapples like butter... and while all of said rumors may be true... (LOL) I never actually said them.  Which in turn also means that by comparison Paul is not ... what was it... rigid and mechanical.  I will admit that I have called him a machine in the past, but in a complimentary way.

So, just so we are clear.

While Kyle may grapple like butter, I have never uttered the word butter and Kyle in the same sentence.

Nor did I say that Paul was rigid.... in fact he is quite the opposite,  if a stick of butter could go to the Pan Ams, win two gold medals, and choke me out with ease, I would call it Paul.  ...at least on days he shaves... because some times he can get a little rough and scratchy.

And on that note, Paul and Kyle... I've got nothing but love for ya!  <3

I would also like to ask anyone who can, to please choke Sam out once for me.  =)  I hear he is the rumor mill!  LOL

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marcelo Saporito!

He is doing a seminar at Fabio's this weekend.  I am really excited.  It will be my first seminar.

He is a black belt under Carlson Gracie, Sr.  He is/was Fabio's instructor.

I met him Wednesday night.  He was just hanging out during class.

I knew who he was the second I walked into the office, but he totally caught me off guard.  He looked like a super normal guy... save the grim reaper tattooed on the back of his neck.  He doesn't speak much English, but he was very nice and told me I looked like Kyra Gracie.  (LOL!)

I don't have any classes between now and the seminar, so hopefully my brain will make some room for a new technique or two.  Gushing about the seminar to follow.  =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

60 to zero in 5 minutes flat...

Tonight, I rolled with someone and afterward felt really good about the roll.  Not that I did anything to the guy... I think I got submitted even, but I still felt good about the roll.  I felt like I moved well, and did correct things.   

Next grapple.

Another blue belt who is of around the same skill level, but totally different game.  

That grapple I felt clumsy, slow and generally retarded.  I don't know why, but it was just horrible.  And it's not like the guy was going hard on me.. quite the opposite.  He was nice, and helpful and went the pace I was going. ... but holy lord of light, I felt like I grappled like a moron.  

Lucky for me, it was my last grapple of the night.  No time to sneak in any possible redemption... and knowing myself as well as I do, I know I am going to dwell on it all night.  

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey creepers!

So, apparently people read my blog.  Considering that it s a public blog, you probably wouldn't think that I would be shocked by this.

I don't mind and appreciate the feed back and comments that I get, but when people in class say ..."So, I was reading your blog the other day.... "  I get a little embarrassed and find myself wondering what I'd said in my recent blogs.  I blog mostly because my brain does not have an off switch and I enjoy putting my brain vomit into word form, but I never say anything in my blog that I wouldn't say to someone's face.  So, I don't have to worry about that... but when I blog about how awesome someone is... like, Kyle, who told me this morning he reads my blog, I feel like a idiot.  =)

So, this is to those of you who creep my blog.  If I gush about you, I'm sorry.  =)  I can't help it.  Be less awesome, and I won't go all squealing fan girl on you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is that time again...


I plan to compete.  I am starting to take a mental checklist of things I want to accomplish this competition.

Last NAGA, I made a list and was able to check everything off the list.  Woohoo!  I would love to be able to do that again.

I wanted to attempt a take down.  -  FAILED miserably, but I at least attempted one.  I am happy with the small victories.

I wanted to win at least one match by submission.  - I ended up wining both my no gi fights by submission.  Yay!

And I wanted to place. -  I took home a gold and silver. 

This time I want to:

Not get locked up in closed guard like I ALWAYS do. 

Make lightweight - 141 in my gi.  (I know I said I would never cut again, but I am too close not to do it.)

I would also like to stay calm... AND stay focused.  

Last time around, I was very calm, but I did not get in the zone at all.  One of my grapples we broke apart, and instead of scrambling to get on top, I sat there and let her come to me.  Idiot.  I need to remain calm, and also focus on the task at hand.... kicking butt.

And as far as take downs go...  The more and more I drill them, the more and more I think take downs are not my jam.  I can jump guard until I am blue in the face... go go gadget legs, but I feel like jumping guard is a cop out for some reason.  ... but at the same time, my only other option is to take the girl down, and I just FAIL miserably at take downs.  I took MYSELF down for crying out loud.  Oi!  

We shall see what happens.

I have three weeks to prepare.  

Girls, girls, girls!

When I started at Fabio's there was one other girl, and Allie and I were the only girls at Summerlin.

Now, counting Allie and I there are eight.  One of our blue belts, Salsa John, always brought his girlfriend to class.  Her name is Erica, and she finally started training this week!  I am so excited!  I really get the feeling she will pick it up VERY quickly.  She is in very good shape, and has been watching us grapple for a long time, so she had the general idea her very first grapple.  If I hadn't known it was her first grapple, I wouldn't have believed her.  She also happens to be almost my exact same size.  She about an inch shorter then I and around my same weight.  I am really excited to have a similar sized training partner, esp since I already know her fairly well, and we get along.  Though I must say, it is a little annoying to finally get a taste of my own medicine.  Her legs are super long too.  She feels like she is all legs sometimes.  lol

And we may be getting another girl soon.  Tony's girlfriend came to class last night, and I talked to her about it, and she said she is going to try it out next time she comes to class.  She on the other hand weighs maaaybe 80 pounds... hehe  It will be good partner for for Joyce though.  Joyce is also super tiny.. and it's not like I mind the tiny girls either.  Small people do things big people do not... so it is always fun.  ..I just feel like a huge oaf when I grapple them.

I am really excited to have so many girls to train with.  ... Though, not to take anything way from the guys... I love them all too.  hehe

Monday, April 19, 2010

Top or upside down?!

I need to work my passing and top game.  It is lacking in comparison to my guard.

But, I also want to work inverted guard.  I can do it (not well) and have in the past, but I am not comfortable doing it...so I don't.  I even think sometimes... I should go upside down.. but I don't because it doesn't feel safe... It feels like I will get squished.

I can not work my top game and inverted guard at the same time.

I am probably going to keep working my passing/top game on those who I know can school me, and work inverted on people who of are my same skill level, or below.  ...  Which will leave me working top game much more then inverted guard because I am a lowly white belt, and everyone is better then me.  LOL  Which is good because my top game NEEDS a lot of work, and inverted guard is just something random I want to work on.  Plus, I can't really work passing unless it is on someone who's guard I have trouble with.  As of right now, most people fall into two categories, I either can easily pass, or can not pass at all.  There are a couple of people who I have to work really hard to pass but can pass, but it's like two people.  Everyone else is either easily passed, or not possible to pass.  (Obviously the larger group is the can not pass.) Ya know, Gandalf and the Balroc ... "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"  ...That's me... the Balroc...

Maybe one day, I will be Gandalf.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


How old were you when you started training BJJ?

How long have you been training?

Do you have a planned cut off age?  (I doubt many people do... at least, I know I plan to go until my body won't let me do it anymore.  lol )

I used to think I was a little old to be starting BJJ, but I am starting to think other wise.  I think I may actually fall somewhere around the middle.  

I started when I was 27.  I'm 28 now, but I'm still a big newbie to the sport, I've only been training about 8 months.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rip it, roll it, and punch it!

You know that scene in Finding Nemo where Squirt is talking to Marlin....

It's like he's trying to speak to me, I know it. Look, you're really cute, but I can't understand what you're saying. Say the first thing again... 

That is pretty much how I felt Saturday morning grappling Ben.

He swept in pretty much the same fashion about 10 times...after the first few, I started thinking... Okay, he clearly wants me to do something other then what I am doing....  but in the five minutes I couldn't figure out what he was trying to show me...  I kept trying to get my base off of him, and on to the mat, but I couldn't figure out how to do it...  So, I basically kept trying, and failing to kick my leg backward to get out of his hook and post my leg out.  (What is the definition of stupid?  Repeating the same thing expecting different results....lol) 

After the grapple, he told me to wait right there for a second because he wanted to tell me something.... so I knew my suspicions were correct.  Ben was trying to tell me something I just wasn't getting.  And it of course was pretty much one of those, "Oh, duh, I am an idiot." moments.

He wanted me to go the way he was pushing me... Step my foot over his head and get to side control.  

It was an extra duh moment because it was a simple motion.  Step.  Take a step.  And doubly stupid because Ben has probably told us 1000 times to go with what you are being given.  Don't force anything.  

So, I am going to actively start trying to just go where I am being pushed...  Going with the flow.  You push, I pull... Or you push, I step over your head and get side control.  lol


Fabio took gold in his division at the Pan Ams!!! (Black Belt - Medium Heavy - Senior 1)

Paul took gold in his division and also in Absolute! (Brown Belt - Heavy - Senior 1 and Open Class)

I am SO happy for them, and so proud to be one of Fabio's students!

And congratulations to all the competitors!  It takes a lot of nerve to step out on to the mat in a competition as scary as the Pan Ams!

Fabio on the Podium!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm going to do it...

I really, REALLY want to go to the Pan Ams next year.

I think I am going to start myself a go to the Pan Ams piggy bank.

A year from now, I figure I will either be a good white belt, or an awful blue belt.  LOL  However, my driving force behind wanting to go is just to experience it.  Placing would just be icing on the cake...I never go to a competition expecting to place... I want to, but I never expect to.

I'll talk it over with my coaches... perhaps I should at least wait until the current Pan Ams are over before I start talking about the next one, but I will see what they think.

There is a small IBJJF comp here in May.  I plan on going to that one... I'll get a feel for the IBJJF rules, and see how I fare there.

I will make it to the Pan Ams one day though, if not 2011, then 2012.  My kids will be 4 and 7 by then, so leaving for a week would be easier on them... Zaile might be a little young next year to go a week without me... Or at least too young for her Dad to agree to watch her all week... Grandmas are available though.  I don't go away much with out my kids.  I've only gone away over night once, and that was for my first NAGA.  We'll see.... but I will make it there one day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some recent observations...

This is just a a few random observations I've recently made...

No gi - It sucks.  I grappled a guy no gi today and it was by far one of the most annoying things I've had to deal with grappling.  I had on short sleeved underarmor, and he was wearing a tee-shirt.  Normally when I go no gi, I wear long sleeved rash guards to protect my elbows.  Anyway, with both of us being a bit sweaty, I could NOT for the life of me create any traction with my arms against his arms or legs.  So, I will be 100% sure to always bring my long sleeved underarmor to competition from now on.

Cutting weight - I will never do it again.  When we went to South Shore, I had not eaten breakfast...  Not on purpose or anything, I just had a hectic morning... then we had to meet up, and travel and we didn't start grappling until about 1:30 - 2:00.  And like I said in my previous blog... I hit a wall like you would not believe.  I think the heat may have been a factor, but it may also have been that I'd not eaten.  Annoying?  Yes... but it did teach me that food is important for grappling.  This last NAGA I cut weight, and didn't eat anything all day... Then I grappled.  It was fine, but I really didn't have much trouble in the novice division..  But this time I did have to work, and it drained me.  I'd already decided I wouldn't cut weight again, but this cemented it.  I would be SO angry with myself if I hit a wall in a competition because I wanted to cut weight.

Wrestlers - They are interesting when they first start BJJ.  One of our purple belts is also a wrestling coach.  One of his students came to class night and that kid gave up his back, and suck his neck out like a turtle ALL night.  I understand the very basic of wrestling, so I know why he did it... and even during one of his grapples, he said "Man, this is like speaking another language!"  Toward the end of the night he was doing it less, but still... It was interesting to watch.

Big New Guys - Not so scary anymore.  Well, at least the ones who don't flair and panic when I girl is choking them out.  I rolled with a fairly new guy today, and was able to submit him a few times, but the thing I was most proud of with that grapple was the fact that when I sat out in side control I could hear and feel the air being squished out of his lungs.  LOL -  I that may sound kind of jerkish, but the fact that I could do that to a man who easily had 100 pounds on me, meant more to me then the submissions.

I also got a very nice compliment today.  "Man, you are really light, but you feel so heavy."  Only a fellow grappler would understand why that is a compliment.  lol

And oh look.. I managed to type out all of this and manage to say nothing at all.

So long, farewell....

Some of my teammates, and instructors leave today for California.

Fabio, Paul, Rhino, Enrique and Doug are competing in the Pan Ams!  I am so excited for them!

One of these days, I'll make it there too.

May your preparation meet lots and lots of opportunity guys!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy gassed girl, batman!

When I started Jiujitsu, I was totally an out of shape mom.  ... That being said, I have NEVER not finished a grapple.. .even when I thought my lungs were going to burst, and felt I was actually dying.  I always finished.

Not today.

I don't know what happened, we were visiting another school like I mentioned, and it was SUPER hot.  I grappled twice, and during my third grapple half way through, I had to go to my guard, and just hung out there.

My fourth one, I hit a wall..  like... I just could not move.  It felt like I was grappling in quicksand.  I couldn't really even defend myself.  The guy I was with, went for an arm bar, and after I tapped, I sat up, and my hands were shaking like crazy.  One of my teammates,  Phil, who came with from Fabio's came over with some water and asked me if I was okay.  I said I was okay, and took a sip of the water, but when I tried to turn around and get back to the grapple, I couldn't even hold my arms up.  Phil had to take over for me.  

I went out side to cool off for a bit... and felt like such a MORON.  

I've never had that happen to me before... never.  I don't even know what brought it on.  I know I have had to take a little bit of time off this month because of my side, and being sick, but I am assuming it has more to do with my body still having a lingering bit of run-down-ed-ness... and perhaps the heat..though, the more I think about it, it may also have been the fact that I didn't eat anything.  ...I'm such a moron. 

But man, if those guys can train in that heat, they are going to be machines in normal temperature!

I did have fun though.  I just feel like a putz for having zero gas.  Next time I head out that way, I am going to go to a night time class.  hehehe

Friday, April 2, 2010

South-Shore BJJ....

....We are coming for you!

That might sound threatening if it wasn't coming from me.  lol

Tomorrow morning we are visiting one of our sister schools.  Two of Fabio's students opened a small school of their own in Apollo Beach.  If I am not mistaken, then opened the school 3 or 4 months ago, and all of their students have that much training or less.  From what I understand their students expressed an interest in rolling with some people with more experience... or at at least some of their girls did, specifically with girls with more experience.  (Though it boggles my mind that anyone would consider me any kind of experienced.) One of the instructors there, is good friends with Ben... so voila.  We are making a field trip!

I am really excited for several reasons.

I always love the chance to grapple a new people, and girl specifically, in a non-competition environment.

It is a branch of my home school, so I know that it will be a friendly gathering.  I think I might bake cookies!

And because Kyle teaches there.  Kyle is one of my very favorite people to roll with.  He attends Fabio's Brandon branch, and I the Lakeland one so I very seldom get to actually roll with him.  He is an awesome grappler, and he sweeps me from here until tomorrow all the while talking trash.  Friendly trash talk... I love talking while I grapple, but there are very few people who seem to share that love, and twice as many who prefer the opposite.  I've gotten choked for the soul purpose of shutting me up.  Admit it, your not shocked are you?

If I don't get to grapple him during class, I am going to attack him afterward.  Teehee!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I tried to grapple a banana.

Why is that statement always followed by "Are you drunk?"

No, I am not drunk.  I really tried to grapple a banana.  A man in a banana suit I should say.

I went to the 100 Monkeys show tonight, and afterward, I decided to stand in line with all the crazy Twilight Moms and Grandmas to meet the band... Though, my real objective was to try and convince them to let me grapple Marty, the Banana.

Unfortunately, I was turned down.  I was not permitted to grapple Marty, the Banana.  He said he bruises easily.  I was however, offered the chance to take Marty home with me for the very fair price of 15 dollars.  LOL  I was the one turning down the suggestion at that point.

The conversation went something like this....

"Hi, I don't really have anything for you to sign, I was just wondering if I could grapple the banana."

*confused looks all around*

"Wait.... What?!"

"I do Brazilian Jiujitsu... and I really want to grapple the banana."

"You wanna do what to Marty's Banana?!"

"No, no, not HIS banana.  THE banana!  I want to grapple THE banana!"

"I am disturbed by this...."

"No!  I bruise easily!"

"You can't grapple him, but you can sleep with him for 15 dollars."

"Hmm... Can I grapple him after?"

"You can do whatever you want to him after you pay me... I am only interested in the money."

I should have paid him the 15 dollars and jumped guard.


I had a blast tonight!  The Monkeys were fantastic, and I discovered a new band... Lions after Dark.  I liked them a lot.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I don't know the meaning of tap.

Clearly this isn't something I have said, or will never say.  I plan to tap my way all the way through BJJ.

I am not anywhere near the level of awesome it takes to not only say this, but pull it off.  Dan Hardy, on the other hand, is.

He fought last night in UFC 111 against GSP.  Being that I am a grappler you would think I would be all over GSP for this fight, not only that but he was favorite to win... and he did.

But Hardy totally inspired me the whole fight.  He was out matched on the ground, but he didn't give up, or even come close.  He went all 5 rounds and escaped some pretty sick submissions.  I think I actually screamed during the kimura. .. and I was out in public.  lol

I need to take a page from The Outlaws book, and never say die.  (Tapping on the other hand, I will do.  hehe)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay... I'm a little scared.

Remember my first competition...  The Second Annual De la Riva Cup, where this happened:

That girl, the one whose legs are securely preventing any blood from getting to my brain, Tania... she is visiting my school tomorrow.  

I am excited though.  She is VERY nice, and I like her a lot.  I'm just nervous about grappling her again, at my school, on my mat, in front of my teammates.  I feel like I need to represent and am worried I might not be able to do so in the way I would like.  Honestly though, my fight with her is still my very favorite of all my competitions... and I lost that one... by submission.  So I know I will enjoy grappling her again.

Either way, I am going to do my best, and enjoy rolling with some new girls for a change... and I do like being challenged... and while getting owned is never FUN per say... It is nice to get all the holes in your game poked at.  I just don't want a neon flashing sign pointing at me "HOLES IN YOUR GAME ARE LOCATED: Here, here, here and here" 

I wanted to come and edit something in...

I was thinking about this while I was eating dinner, and I changed my mind.  I'm not scared.  I am just excited.

She is another woman, who is also a mom, who trains Jiujitsu.  Not only does she train, but she is just as obsessed as I am, and she trains as much as I do.  With as small a community as BJJ is, I need to grab hold of other women grapplers... esp ones like Tania whom  I can relate to on more then one level.

I can't wait to see her tomorrow.  =)

I'm back, baby!

I rolled on Tuesday night, but went super light, and only twice.  Allie and Gumby.  Allie I trust 100% to not injure me, and Gumby is light and very non-spastic.  Both of those went okay pain wise, and I didn't want to push it.  So I didn't grapple any more after Gumby.  I was aware of my rib after class, but it wasn't pain so much as it was... awareness.  lol

I went to class on Wednesday night too, and told Fabio I wanted to try again, go a little harder, but not push it too much.  So, I went with only girls, and stayed on top... and it was fine.  Yay!  It actually didn't bother me at all.  One of the teenage girls asked if she would work her guard passes though, and wanted to  try the standing pass we did in class.  It's the one where you stand up, and bring the person up with you, press down on one knee and bounce them a little to break their guard.  It would have been fine, except she dropped me.  lol   I'd been catching myself with my arm that wasn't being held when she did it the first few times... I just wasn't ready for the drop.  It hurt when it happened, and for a few minutes after, but it wasn't lasting.  By the time I got home I felt fine...but while I grappled, I made sure not to bend toward or press on my ribs too much.

And I went again this afternoon.  I got to go with Ben, and Derrick.  Both of whom I feel like I could go hard with, (and not threaten them in any way shape or form) and know they will not hurt me, and also prevent me from hurting myself.  I still went easy on my side but I moved more freely then I had been doing.

I feel okay right now...  I am aware of my side.. I can feel where it is sore just sitting here, but it really isn't pain.  It's just...  there.   I do know that a knee to the side right now would be very painful though, or someone using a lot of pressure in side control.  So, I think I am just going to grapple, but protecting my side is going to be my main priority.

While I was going with Ben he was sweeping me... a lot.  Fabio happened to walk by one of the times, and said ..."Watch your base, Stephanie... unless you wanted to go to Brazil."  LOL  -  Thanks, Fabio.  Thanks.

Oh... and it is worth mentioning... Ben and Derrick went today while I was sitting on the wall.  I wasn't aware people could grapple at the speed of light until today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In case you needed more proof that I am having a crappy week...

Yesterday was annoying. I had too many things to do, not enough time to do them, and also had to squeeze in time to take me and Micah to the doctor. We both have ear infections. Our doctor called us in prescriptions to the Walmart Pharmacy. I tried to pick them up yesterday, but because the Walmart pharmacy is so awesome and on top of things it wasn't ready on time, and like I said... epically busy, didn't have time to wait around for them to get their butts in gear and fill them. I figured we could live with our ear infections for an extra 12 hours.

This morning I just wanted to chill out, relax and then go sit and watch Jiujitsu instead of doing it since I am all broken.

That didn't happen.

I woke up this morning to Zaile vomiting.

That alone drove me insane.

My kids aren't sick very often, and for the past two months they have been sick on and off. It is getting old. I feel bad they are sick, and taking care of sick children kind of sucks.

Anyway, Zaile fever starts spiking, and I freak out and take her to the doctor. Her fever got up to 103.8 before I tossed her in the car and took her in.

The doctor calls her in a prescription as well. I needed to go there anyway, so I head there after the appointment. Mine was filled, as was Zaile's. Micah's was not... it was never called in. I called my doctor; they accidentally called it in to a Walgreens. They tell me they will call it in to the right pharmacy. I asked the lady at Walmart how long it will be... she tells me an hour. So, I go poke around Walmat for about 40 minutes.... at which point Zaile starts to vomit all over the place. All over me, all over herself, all over my cart full of groceries... Awesome. It takes me about 15 minutes to get it all cleaned up. So, I go back to the Pharmacy to get Micah's medicine. Still not ready. I go to the drop off window to see how long it will be.... Still not called into the right Pharmacy.


So, I explain to the lady as nicely as I could that my kid was super sick, throwing up all over Walmart, and how I just waited an hour for nothing. I asked her if I called my doctor and had her call it in while I was standing there if there was anyway they could expedite it so I could just take my sick kid home. She pretty much told me, I don't care how sick your kid is, it wasn't her problem and I would have to wait two hours just like every one else.

I swear to you, I have never wanted to choke someone out so much in my whole life. But I was covered in vomit, holding my sick vomited on kid...so I opted to bite my tongue and just take Zaile home and pick up Micah's meds the next day.

So, I pay for my cart full of vomited on things... one of which was a 24 pack of bottled water, and leave.

When I was unloading my cart, I was talking on the phone, explaining to Allie how I wished death on every single person in the Pharmacy at Walmart, so I was loading my grocery getter with one hand. When I got to the water, I grabbed it by the plastic on the side, and tried to kind of underhand toss it into the back of my car.

The plastic ripped mid toss, and the water flew out of my hand. It landed nicely in my car, but the force and momentum of the throw... now minus the 24 bottles of water.... carried my hand up to my face.

I punched myself directly in the eye.... so hard I drew blood, and gave myself a little mouse on my eye lid.

I got white hot angry for about 3 seconds. Then, I realized I had just punched myself in the eye in a crowded parking lot, and started laughing.

Moral of the story... next time someone pisses you off, punch yourself in the eye. It will make you feel better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, I know I am an idiot...

I went to class Monday night.  I brought my gi... thinking I would ask Fabio what he thought about my grappling.

He basically, said take it one step at a time... Do warm up.  Do drills.  Do technique. Then grapple llight if the first three went well.

I did warm ups.  Everything was fine.  Fine as in, no pain, but I could feel where I was sore.

Drills.  We did drills that had my partner basically using my side as a kicking off point for a hip out.  I opted to sit out of that.  (See, I'm not THAT big an idiot.)

Technique was a sweep from guard.  I did it once.  My side was not having it.  I sat and watch everyone else do the technique, then I took of my gi and pouted in the office like a big baby when it was time to grapple.

I almost cried...

I hate this.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Let's go light."

What does that mean to you?

When I go light I just move.  I don't go for submissions, and once I establish a dominate position I move on.  I tend to go a little more slowly too.

Apparently, going light means different things to different people... otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here with busted up ribs.

Do I need to change my approach to going light?  Or perhaps I just need to be more aware of who I 'go light' with.

Either way, I am curious as to what other people mean by 'go light'.

Also - I'm getting excited for the Pan Ams.  I'm not going, but Fabio is, and a handful of my teammates are going too.... and a few of the bloggers I follow.  I can't wait to hear about it!   Good luck everyone!

Friday, March 19, 2010

So, I took the drugs...

My day that started out horribly, ended much worse.

That cough I was talking about got worse... and in a desperate attempt to stop myself from coughing, I some how made my self gag so hard I threw up.  Violently.  Let me tell you how much worse throwing up was then coughing.  I laid on the floor for about an hour, throughly convinced I had broken my body in half.

I finally had to get up when my daughter accidentally locked herself in my closet.  Your two year old crying, "Mommy, help!  Please let me out!"  is pretty much motivation enough to cut my own hand off to help her.

I decided then, that I was going to go ahead and take the Vicodin.  It was past the kids bed time anyway, so I hobbled around, put them to bed and took the meds.


I should have done this days ago.

I feel okay.  A little weird, but movement is no longer painful... I'm sure my side would hurt if I poked at it, but I'm not an idiot, so I won't test that theory.

So, I am off to bed, for hopefully what will be a good nights sleep.  I've had trouble falling asleep since Tuesday night.

Rib injury advice?

I really do not want to take the Vicodin I was prescribed, but I appear to have developed a cough.  Or, I had one and I didn't realize I had it until coughing became borderline excruciating.

They said not to wrap your ribs at the ER because it can cause pneumonia... but I wonder if that will make coughing hurt less.  If I just wrap them for a little while, take it off for a few hours and then re-wrap, will it still be an issue?

I'm just really starting to get frustrated with the pain.

And btw I don't want to take the Vicodin because I so seldom take pain killers of any kind, I don't know how my body will respond to them, and I am here alone with my two kids.

100 Monkeys!

This has nothing what so ever to do with Jits.


100 Monkeys are FINALLY back in Florida!

I'm going to go see them on the 31st.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sit down and shut up.

When I first hurt my rib, I didn't not grapple like I should have.  I rolled less and went light.  This time, I am going to act like if I bend over, my ribs are going to snap in half.

I'm going to just do a s little as possible, and hope that it speeds my recovery.  

I took some of the pain meds I was prescribed yesterday, but I don't think I am going to today.  I want to feel what hurts, so I can avoid doing it.  I need to recover...now.  I need to be grappling yesterday.  

I went to class last night, and watched.  Fabio let me be the timer girl.  I finally got to sit and just watch some of my favorite people roll.  I always complain that when Fabio goes with Ben or Paul I never get to watch because I am grappling.  Last night I got to watch...and it was awesome!  Fabio is insane.  Insane.  I am sure I sat there with my mouth hanging open like an idiot... and all he did was guard passes last night.  

He also taught a super fantastic choke from guard.  I hope I can remember it, and try it when I can move a little better.  Because A. I love chokes, and B. I love guard.  Chokes from guard = Happy.  

And seriously, I do love my team.  They are the best.  =)   ...even if they make fun of my chicken wing.   

Back on the side lines.

I injured my ribcage again!  UGH!  I am beyond frustrated.  Esp since I was going to class on cloud nine... finally feeling back to 100%.

It was kind of a freak incident, but it could have been avoided all together, and because of that it annoys me.

I cried last night after I got hurt...  not because I was in pain, but because I was mad, and embarrassed.  I hate laying on my back on the mat, with everyone huddled around me.  I know they are doing it because they are concerned for my well being, and I do appreciate that.  I'd probably hate more it if no one cared, and ignored me too, but you know what I mean.. It just sucks.  Getting hurt sucks.  .. and I hate crying.  Hate it.

Ben is awesome though.  I pulled my gi over my face because I was crying and felt stupid... and after a minute or two Ben says "We can still see you, you know."

It made me feel better... well, it made me feel worse, lol, laughing hurt, but I needed to laugh.  Later, he was running an errand, and stopped by the hospital.  I felt kind of like an idiot hopped up on morphine in a hospital gown, but it was nice to know he cared enough to stop by.  I love my jits family.  =)  Allie was there with me all night, and Phil was there for a few hours... and half my team was blowing up my phone checking to see that I was alright.

I wrote a note on Facebook to update everyone, I will just cut and paste it here instead of typing everything out again.  As much as I like to blab, sitting in this chair is not the best thing ever.


Thank you every one for your concern. =) I feel all loved.. which is nice because I also feel all run over.

Last night in class while I was grappling, I got kind of slammed down on the mat. The lower left side of my rib cage hit first, which happens to be the same are where my rib got popped originally. That wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that the person I was grappling came down on top of me, shoulder first on top of the lower part of my left side. Basically, the little baby ribs on the left side of my rib cage got pancaked between a shoulder and the mat. It was for the most part just bad luck. If he landed higher, or I had landed differently, I doubt it would have hurt nearly as much.

I was concerned that I may have cracked or re-popped my rib so I agreed to go to the ER. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be doing any more damage if I continued to grapple.

So, I went, and the triage doctor poked me a bit, and was worried I might have some internal damage. So, he ordered a cat scan, and some x rays. Allie got to watch my cat scan... so, she got to see all of my insides. lol - Now she can really say she knows me inside and out. =)

Thankfully, I have no serious damage. Nothing is broken, organs are fine, and no internal bleeding. Yay!

The doc said I can return to the mat as soon as I feel up to it... which sadly, may be a while. =(

I was prescribed an epic butt ton of pain medication. Flexeril, Vicodin and Ibuprofen. I am willing to bet I could probably grapple all doped up without pain, but I going to opt to not be retarded, and stay off the mat for a bit.

Allie was super awesome, and stayed with me all night, and pretty much helped me do everything short of going to the bathroom... which I am sure she would have done too, if I had asked. Phil and Ben also came to make sure I was alright. Thanks guys! Love you! ... except you Phil... you, mayhem causing, picture taking nincompoop. =) Though, Phil brought me food, so I won't be hatin' too much.

There are a few bonuses of going to the ER straight after jits though... well ya know, aside from the fact that, that is why I was there in the first place.

I had on little stretchy fight shorts under my gi pants.. which means, no peek-a-boo panties through my hospital gown. It also means that my veins were nice and sticking out for my IV. And it gave me something to talk about with every single nurse, doctor and tech who crossed my path.... "So, Brazilian Jiujitsu, huh?"

As it turns out, one of the doctors at Bartow Regional knows on of Fabio's other students, my x-ray tech is a kick boxer, and my nurse has a personal trainer name Sergio who is Brazilian... and she apparently hates him. lol

Friday, March 12, 2010

Man vs Woman

Tonight I grappled a guy for the first time who is roughly my height, but has about 20 pounds on me, and according to our instructors, we are of the same skill level.  We both have three stripes.  I've always wondered how I would fair against a man of my size.  I have been told probably 100 times that a man of my relative size and skill level would probably beat me just due to the strength difference.  Tonight, that theory was proven right... and I am just going to go with it.  lol

He pretty much owned me.  Or at least I felt like he did.  Allie claims it did not look that way, but it sure felt like ownage.  He was just SO fast... I felt like I could do nothing to stop him save getting a knee in.  (I was able to defend all his submissions, but I don't think I could ever stop defending long enough to go for one myself.)  And he just flipped clean out of my butterfly guard twice.  The third time, I kind of expected it so I could kind of stop him.  Normally, if someone tries to flip out of my butterfly guard like that, I just sink my hooks extra deep and go with them to mount, or if nothing else stop them. (this is on someone who is around my skill level, obviously I'm not stopping a brown belt or even blue belts with my hooks) .... but not tonight.

Now, he wasn't mean, or anything like that when we grappled he was just bigger, stronger and faster... and it sure felt like, more skilled.

But either way, I am going to chalk it up to him being a man  Cop out?.. perhaps... but whatever, it makes me feel better.  =)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kiss grappling...

It is like submission grappling, but the goal is to kiss other person face.  LOL

Another bonus of grappling with your best friend.... you can do idiotic things like this.  =)

I have mention before I am a touchy person... I hug and kiss everyone.  Allie on the other hand isn't so much with the kissing.  Not that I am kissing people on the mouth or anything... Anyhow, after class, I went to go kiss her on the cheek, and she defended my kiss as if I were going to choke her, and it went from there.  We got into a full blown grapple, except I was trying to kiss her, and she was trying not to be kissed.  It was really fun, and a great way to have no pressure grappling.  No one cared who was on top, or who was sweeping who... We just moved like crazy.  I did get my kiss though.  LOL  So happy endings all around.

Obviously, this is not something I would attempt with one of my male teammates.  That might get a little hairy.  lol

May I also say... OMG!  It was so awesome to be back on the mat!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reflections of a sick girl

I have been a blob of a human for the last few days.  Even walking to the mail box was a bit of a challenge.  So of course grappling was out of the question for many reasons.  The primary one being that I need to breathe to grapple, and I could hardly manage that sitting in my bed.  Other reasons being that I didn't want to infect my entire team with my cooties, and I am sure no one wanted me and my ever dripping nose anywhere near them.  I am finally starting to feel better, thank God.  I seriously have not been this sick since I was in the 10th grade... and I am almost thirty.  

I was forced to take the longest break I have taken from grappling since I started Jiujitsu seven months ago.  I did stop grappling for a week after my initial rib injury, but I still went to class.  By the time I roll again, it will have been 5 days.  

I am looking for the silver lining, and I believe I have found it.

Today, for the first time in months I woke up, and nothing ached.  My finger joints didn't hurt and I didn't have to stretch carefully.  I was forced to let my body rest, and I think it appreciates it.  Yay! 

All I have been able to do since Thursday was watch Jiujitsu online, and think about it.

I watched my NAGA matches from February... and they annoy me already.  Why, oh why, for the love of all that is holy do I just close guard and SIT THERE?!  Open guard has been my main focus for ... uhhh three months.  I can work open guard, open guard is one of the things I think I am decent at... and by decent I of course mean, decent for a white belt.  I even had a stander...  I love when people stand up in my guard... epic fun sweeps all over the place, and De la Riva guard.  I love De la Riva guard!  And all I did was grab her ankles and push her over.  Blarg.  So annoying.  Now I want to compete again to redeem myself... to myself.  I know no one else thinks, or at least I hope no one thinks, redemption is necessary.

Recently the subject of size has come up a lot...as in how to grapple someone larger.  I was actually going to get a private about that subject, but this blasted disease kept me home.... but I have been wondering.. Am I a big person... or a small person?  I am tall, at least for a girl, average for a man, but I am light.  There are a good number of men I grapple who are my height, but I only outweigh one of the guys... and he is about 5'6.  So, when Ben says something specifically about being a small grappler, does that apply to me?  I have always thought so, but again.. no grappling, too much thinking I wonder if I am considered small.   People call me Ginormica for Pete's sake.  Does it have more to do with weight, or length of limbs?  I assume weight because there are weight classes not height classes, but still....  I think I am going to do the private Tuesday since I missed Thursday, and I will ask then.  If it turns out I am  not considered small, I will have to pull something out of my butt to focus on for the private lesson.

I am so excited to grapple on Monday.  I am for the most part just excited to get back onto the mat, but I really want to work on taking the back from guard.  I think my go to submissions are chokes.  I still feel like an epic oaf when I go for armbars, and you can forget leg attacks.  I am getting semi-decent at defending leg attacks now since apparently my 10 foot legs are prime targets for ankle attacks, but I rarely see them, and have only gone for them a few times.  Anyhow, I love chokes, and there are chokes galore from the back.  So, I need to get better at getting there... and now that I have been shown the finer details, I need to work it, work it, work it.  I need to be able to do it without thinking, "grab gi sleeve, hip, shuck, get on your elbow, sit up, grab the arm pit, head on mat, hips up, hooks in."   I need to do it without thinking at all.  I need muscle memory... and to do that, I need to do it... a lot.  And it's not like people are just going to give up their backs.  I think this will be hard for me to work, but I want... need to get good at this.  

I will take your back, and I will choke you out.  

I need to make this my motto... Just pretend I am awesome...go into every grappling thinking I can do it.. and then try to do it... no no, then do it.

I think since I figured out that triangle from bottom side control, it is less of an ordeal in my head, and I can focus on things that actually matter.  lol


Friday, March 5, 2010

Random non-Jits happenings.

I am sick.  Still.  I thought I was better, and went to class on Wednesday and I am not better.  I am much much worse.  Hopefully I did not pass my cooties on to anyone, and I assume I am worse because I went and pushed my body when it was in no mood to be pushed.

I am getting a puppy!  I have a dog right now, but she is my little old lady dog, and sadly I think she is nearing the end.  She is perfectly healthy, but she is 12.  I know she more then likely only has a few years left. =(  Anyway, I have been wanting to get a second dog, but I was in no real rush.  A friend of mine, Jiujitsu Jen, works at an animal hospital.  About two weeks ago one of their clients brought her dog in to have puppies.  She is a Golden Retriever breeder, and one of the puppies, who also happened to be the biggest, and healthiest looking puppy, only had three feet.  Four legs, three feet.  The owner told Jen to put the dog down, because she could not sell a dog with a birth defect.  Jen didn't want to put him down, so she asked the vet there if she kept the dog if he would be willing to do any necessary surgery on the leg if the dog ended up needing it.  He agreed, and also agreed to neuter him for free.  Jen can't keep him, but she knew she would be able to find a home for him when he was old enough.  And that home is going to be my home!  YAY!

I am going to name him C-3PO... and call him Three for short.  =)  I had been planning on getting a black dog, and naming him Vader, but alas this little puppy kind of fell into my lap, and I super love him already.  So, Golden Retriever it is.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I did it!!

I closed that blasted side control triangle!!!

Apparently the majority of my problem was an obvious one that Ben helped me figure out on Saturday morning. It is pretty much a reverse triangle, but I was squeezing my knees forward like you would in a normal triangle from guard.  I needed to be pointing my knees the other way while squeezing together... and I also was not creating enough of an angle.  I did both tonight, and closed it!

I got so excited, I said "Really?!" after he tapped, and then felt kind of like a jerk.  It was someone I had never submitted before and I get the impression he thought I was referring to the submission in general, but really, it was that I figured that one in particular out.... it has been my nemesis for so long now, I was just so happy to actually close it.  Either way, I am going to mention it to him next time that I wasn't trying to be a jerk, I was just so excited that I figured that triangle out.  I dunno, I don't want to be like, "So, remember when I triangled you.... "    Maybe I should let it go.  I just feel bad.  I know the person wasn't going 100% or anywhere near... so we both know it wasn't a real submission...  He actually is one of my favorite people to grapple because he comes down to my level when we roll.

Anyway, on top of that happening today I got help with taking the back from guard, and hopefully will be able to do that now with out feeling like a clumsy oaf.  To be honest though, even being walked through it, I still felt oafish with it.  Perhaps fluidity comes with time.  Ah well.... that is my new goal.  Learn to take the back with out feeling like an oaf.

America's Best Grappling Academy....

...Just happens to be my school.  At least according to Tapout Magazine.  =)  I tend to agree with them.

There was a two page article on my school in this months issue, the one with Frank Mir on the cover.

It seems strange to me that seven months ago I had no idea what BJJ was, and now I am completely and totally obsessed, and grapple almost every single day.  BJJ has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  I seriously don't know where I would be with out it.  It helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life.

Not only that, but I stumbled into one of the best schools in the country.  I probably couldn't repeat that if I tried.

On top of all of that, I have a whole new second family.  Seriously.  I love everyone at my school, and feel accepted there.  My kids come with me to class sometimes, and while I know they are an epic pain in the rear, I still feel welcome to bring them.  Fabio's pregnant wife, Roberta, and son come to most classes too, just to hang out.  I love that.  And I love how Fabio announced to the whole class when they found out Roberta was pregnant, and when they found out they were getting the girl they wanted.  It is so much more then just an academy where I train.  They really are like my second family.

I love Fabio Novaes BJJ!

Monday, March 1, 2010

In seven months...

I have not missed a single class unless I was forced to, against my will.

Tonight, I am not going by my own choosing, and it is making me miserable.  Well, more miserable.

I am sick.

I'm not super sick, but I am an achy kind of sick, and every single one of my little injuries feels flared up... and my non-injured joints ache a bit.  So, grappling right now would just be stupid.  I would go and watch, but I would have to bring my kids tonight....so I might not even get to pay attention.  So, to avoid what could be just an annoying evening, I am going to stay at home, go to bed early and hope I feel better in the morning.

I am so bummed.  I have been looking more forward to grappling tonight then I have been in a long time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Epic Fail

I posted earlier this month about feeling off...  It has gotten better since then, but today was probably the worst class I've had in a long time.... possibly ever.  I was on the verge of tears at the end of class.  Normally, on my bad days I just feel like I hadn't grappled the way I know I should have... but today I just felt flat out dominated all day.  People who I should be able to control were ALL OVER ME.  I know I was trying to work this triangle thing from inside someone's side control, and to work that, I pretty much have to let someone pass into side control, but once people got there, I couldn't close the triangle, I couldn't escape... I couldn't do anything.  I sat in someone's side control almost every grapple.  It was beyond frustrating!

For some reason, I have latched onto this triangle, and I want to work it into my game SO badly.  If someone gets me into their side control I can almost always get the triangle, I land it at least once or twice every class, but I can never close it.  I've asked Ben about it probably two or three times now, and today after class I think I may have found what I am doing wrong.... so I am going to try to work with it on Monday too.... but this time I am not going to give up side control to try it... I will just try it if I get there.  I can't take another night of being locked up in side control.

I will get this stupid triangle down.  I know the triangle is close-able.  When Ben was showing me somethings about it after class he closed it so super tight it made me do that gaggy thing... Granted, he is a big brown belt guy, but I should be able to do it too if I can get the technique right.

It is now to the point that I have to learn how to close it for my own sanity.  It is driving me crazy!


The one good thing about having had such a bad day is now I am SO fired up for Monday night.  I want to make up for my epic failure on the mat today.... but sadly my biggest gap between classes is Saturday morning to Monday night.