Sunday, January 19, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

I had plans to compete a compete a lot in last couple months in preparation for the Pan Ams.  I researched the local competitions, found three perfectly spaced, and got down to business.

Two weeks later, I had a bit of a health scare, and was loaded down with medications that made me feel absolutely horrible, and it took all I had to just show up and teach the women's class, so training was off the table for a little while.  Not to mention how one of the medications made my skin so sensitive I had to cover myself head to toe before going anywhere.

Or how I mistakenly told Fabio why I was taking time off, and he instantly went into, "Oh my gosh, Stephanie is a flower and will die if we breathe on her too hard" mode, and I grappled once a class even when I started to feel better.  (Thanks Fabio.  I know it's just because you care, and I appreciate that very much.)

All of that took competition number one off the table.

Then my biopsy got scheduled for two days before the Miami Open. Which took competition number two off the table.

My actual surgery was a month ago, which gave me barely enough time to recover and compete in the last of the three I planned to do.  But I skated back and fourth on the idea.  I have trained less in the past four months that I ever have, but I really, REALLY wanted to compete.  So, I decided to do it.  I figured the only thing that would likely be effected was my cardio.  I know it's lacking right now, but I still have pretty good cardio.

The night before the competition I laid in bed, went over my game plan and threw up in my mouth a little bit but was excited.  I knew a lot of good grapples were going to be there.

Wake up to a busted water pump in my car.

And spent the next five hours finding someone to squeeze me in and I can fix my car.  Five hours is by the way exactly how much time I had to get my ass to Tampa.  By the time noon rolled around, when I was scheduled to fight, I gave up mentally.  I was still in Lakeland, still at the shop, and emotionally spent.

So, I resigned myself to not competing, but was still going to go to support my friends.  I changed out of my fight gear and headed to the Sundome... only to arrive 90 minutes late.... to see the women's divisions walking out on to the mats.

- insert slew of profanities here -

But I was so drained from my crap morning and so out of the zone, I didn't bother running out to my car gabbing my gi, and seeing if it was too late to throw my name in the hat... I just enjoyed watching the grappling.  Florida has some super sick female talent! 

Needless today, the past couple of months have been pretty much the opposite of what I planned for BJJ wise, but I still count myself as blessed.  I am back to 100%, and have plenty of time to get ready for the Pan Ams!!  I have wanted to go for the past three years and this year I can finally do it!