Friday, March 5, 2010

Random non-Jits happenings.

I am sick.  Still.  I thought I was better, and went to class on Wednesday and I am not better.  I am much much worse.  Hopefully I did not pass my cooties on to anyone, and I assume I am worse because I went and pushed my body when it was in no mood to be pushed.

I am getting a puppy!  I have a dog right now, but she is my little old lady dog, and sadly I think she is nearing the end.  She is perfectly healthy, but she is 12.  I know she more then likely only has a few years left. =(  Anyway, I have been wanting to get a second dog, but I was in no real rush.  A friend of mine, Jiujitsu Jen, works at an animal hospital.  About two weeks ago one of their clients brought her dog in to have puppies.  She is a Golden Retriever breeder, and one of the puppies, who also happened to be the biggest, and healthiest looking puppy, only had three feet.  Four legs, three feet.  The owner told Jen to put the dog down, because she could not sell a dog with a birth defect.  Jen didn't want to put him down, so she asked the vet there if she kept the dog if he would be willing to do any necessary surgery on the leg if the dog ended up needing it.  He agreed, and also agreed to neuter him for free.  Jen can't keep him, but she knew she would be able to find a home for him when he was old enough.  And that home is going to be my home!  YAY!

I am going to name him C-3PO... and call him Three for short.  =)  I had been planning on getting a black dog, and naming him Vader, but alas this little puppy kind of fell into my lap, and I super love him already.  So, Golden Retriever it is.


  1. Cool, a puppy! I bet he won't have any problems with only having 3 feet.

    My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a puppy after my Mom adopted him from the pound. If he had been diagnosed before she got him he would have been put down too. But now he is 5 years old and doing fine.

  2. Yeah- I am really excited about the puppy. I have to wait until he is 6 months old though, just to make sure his leg will be okay, and the other good thing is, if he needs rehab to learn to walk properly with three legs, he will get that for free too. I guess some dogs will try and walk on their stumps, which is bad, or walk really lopsided and will damage their other legs over time. Either way, I am really excited.

    And woohoo for your puppy too! He has a nice happy life that he would never have gotten to have if he was put down. =)