Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back on the side lines.

I injured my ribcage again!  UGH!  I am beyond frustrated.  Esp since I was going to class on cloud nine... finally feeling back to 100%.

It was kind of a freak incident, but it could have been avoided all together, and because of that it annoys me.

I cried last night after I got hurt...  not because I was in pain, but because I was mad, and embarrassed.  I hate laying on my back on the mat, with everyone huddled around me.  I know they are doing it because they are concerned for my well being, and I do appreciate that.  I'd probably hate more it if no one cared, and ignored me too, but you know what I mean.. It just sucks.  Getting hurt sucks.  .. and I hate crying.  Hate it.

Ben is awesome though.  I pulled my gi over my face because I was crying and felt stupid... and after a minute or two Ben says "We can still see you, you know."

It made me feel better... well, it made me feel worse, lol, laughing hurt, but I needed to laugh.  Later, he was running an errand, and stopped by the hospital.  I felt kind of like an idiot hopped up on morphine in a hospital gown, but it was nice to know he cared enough to stop by.  I love my jits family.  =)  Allie was there with me all night, and Phil was there for a few hours... and half my team was blowing up my phone checking to see that I was alright.

I wrote a note on Facebook to update everyone, I will just cut and paste it here instead of typing everything out again.  As much as I like to blab, sitting in this chair is not the best thing ever.


Thank you every one for your concern. =) I feel all loved.. which is nice because I also feel all run over.

Last night in class while I was grappling, I got kind of slammed down on the mat. The lower left side of my rib cage hit first, which happens to be the same are where my rib got popped originally. That wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that the person I was grappling came down on top of me, shoulder first on top of the lower part of my left side. Basically, the little baby ribs on the left side of my rib cage got pancaked between a shoulder and the mat. It was for the most part just bad luck. If he landed higher, or I had landed differently, I doubt it would have hurt nearly as much.

I was concerned that I may have cracked or re-popped my rib so I agreed to go to the ER. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be doing any more damage if I continued to grapple.

So, I went, and the triage doctor poked me a bit, and was worried I might have some internal damage. So, he ordered a cat scan, and some x rays. Allie got to watch my cat scan... so, she got to see all of my insides. lol - Now she can really say she knows me inside and out. =)

Thankfully, I have no serious damage. Nothing is broken, organs are fine, and no internal bleeding. Yay!

The doc said I can return to the mat as soon as I feel up to it... which sadly, may be a while. =(

I was prescribed an epic butt ton of pain medication. Flexeril, Vicodin and Ibuprofen. I am willing to bet I could probably grapple all doped up without pain, but I going to opt to not be retarded, and stay off the mat for a bit.

Allie was super awesome, and stayed with me all night, and pretty much helped me do everything short of going to the bathroom... which I am sure she would have done too, if I had asked. Phil and Ben also came to make sure I was alright. Thanks guys! Love you! ... except you Phil... you, mayhem causing, picture taking nincompoop. =) Though, Phil brought me food, so I won't be hatin' too much.

There are a few bonuses of going to the ER straight after jits though... well ya know, aside from the fact that, that is why I was there in the first place.

I had on little stretchy fight shorts under my gi pants.. which means, no peek-a-boo panties through my hospital gown. It also means that my veins were nice and sticking out for my IV. And it gave me something to talk about with every single nurse, doctor and tech who crossed my path.... "So, Brazilian Jiujitsu, huh?"

As it turns out, one of the doctors at Bartow Regional knows on of Fabio's other students, my x-ray tech is a kick boxer, and my nurse has a personal trainer name Sergio who is Brazilian... and she apparently hates him. lol


  1. Feel better quickly! I need my training partner back!! ;)

  2. Dakna, Madam.

    I hope I feel better quickly too! hehehe Because we need to start out competition training like, yesterday.

  3. Damn. I'm really sorry you're injured! Rib injuries suck, are slow to heal and easy to reinjure. Take care and take your time getting back to class


  4. Thanks Steve! I am going to stay off the mat as long as I can force myself to.... I'm forcing myself to stay off for a week at the very least.

  5. Aaah the pain. Get better and stay off the morphine :) On that note, i busted my "pinki' lower rib (probably similar injury) 2 weeks ago doing an escape while someone is trying to sink the rear naked choke. I put myself in that position to try and improve it. Long story short, i popped my rib and it hurt like crazy. When it popped, the guy i was rolling w/ felt it on his thigh and looked up....I thought it was broken but Dana said i wouldn't have been talking to him if that was the case so i took some drugs to numb the pain. I rolled very light for a week and then re-injured it. I was at Fabio's Tues and couldn't even roll. It sucks being on the side lines. Try to let it heal maybe 80% and when you do roll, stay on your back and avoid being stacked! (it helped me) I'm taking another week off but will go to class for position.