Monday, October 25, 2010


It.  Is.  Time.

=Insert happy dance here=

As Allie mentioned in her blog we are transforming her barn into a gym!  We cleaned the floors and laid the mats today.

I'm not ready to head back to class just yet, but this will be a nice little bridge to get me through my little.. or long as it would seem....hiatus.

I'm going to hang my bag out there too, and bring my treadmill...  Allie is going to move her exerciser equipment out there as well.  We will have our own personal little Jiu-jitsu gym!

I'm actually shocked at how quickly it has all come together.

I soooo can not wait to get out there and actually grapple!

This will also help me to not give everyone tetanus from my epic rustiness when I eventually make it back to Fabio's.


So much for my tattoo.. lol

Stole a couple of pics from Allie:

And of course, Allie and I being our awesome selves.  lol

Monday, October 11, 2010


Pardon my shouting, but I am really excited.

This combines many of my loves.

Nerdery.  Obstacles. Fitness.  Costumes.

Allie and I will be running this obstacle course.

It's like the medieval fair + obstacle course.

= insert Braveheart freedom yell here  =