Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey creepers!

So, apparently people read my blog.  Considering that it s a public blog, you probably wouldn't think that I would be shocked by this.

I don't mind and appreciate the feed back and comments that I get, but when people in class say ..."So, I was reading your blog the other day.... "  I get a little embarrassed and find myself wondering what I'd said in my recent blogs.  I blog mostly because my brain does not have an off switch and I enjoy putting my brain vomit into word form, but I never say anything in my blog that I wouldn't say to someone's face.  So, I don't have to worry about that... but when I blog about how awesome someone is... like, Kyle, who told me this morning he reads my blog, I feel like a idiot.  =)

So, this is to those of you who creep my blog.  If I gush about you, I'm sorry.  =)  I can't help it.  Be less awesome, and I won't go all squealing fan girl on you.


  1. I've been wondering about this lately. I still doubt anyone at my school has read my blog, and aside from the head instructor, I don't use names. But still, when someone I've said something nice about happens to smile at me, or help me a little bit more, I start to wonder.

    I guess there's nothing wrong with someone knowing the real positive things you think about them, but I totally feel you on the embarassment. The sheer possibility of it has me holding back on gushing about a couple of people at my school.

  2. "So, I was reading your blog the other day.... " and ahh... what you said about me.. how i roll was messed up..just kidding! Truth be told, i do read you blog (and Allie's) sort of breaks my day at work too and bring me back to BJJ - maybe i spend too much time thinking and anxious for the next roll when i should be working.


  3. Rhee - You are so funny! lol I don't mind, I just get embarrassed. =)

  4. Admit's waay cool when people come up to you and say they read your blog. Well I love it. Luckily, I don't really write about class mates too much, so I don't get too paranoid. But some blogs are much more honest and even cryptic descriptions of certain people being smelly or meat headed does make me wonder if the blog writer gets into trouble at all?

  5. I've often found myself wishing I could write about troubling things on my blog-- as if it were a diary, only a diary I share with good friends, and can get feedback from-- but then I realize that it might be possible for the troubling PEOPLE to read it too! So it sucks.. I used to read a blog called MetroDad a lot, but then he and BossLady decided to get a divorce, and it was so sad, I had to stop reading...

  6. Heh - like Seymour, I have to admit it's fun when people come up to me and say "you're slideyfoot, aren't you? I like your blog." :D

    However, I do generally try and stay as diplomatic as possible with blog content, especially as I frequently refer to people by name. While I can't think of many occasions where I've actually got annoyed at somebody during drilling or rolling, it still isn't something I'd put up on the blog (or if I did, I'd be vague about names, build, belt level etc). ;)