Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Really bummed....

One of my BJJ schools is closing.  =(  It's not final yet, but it looks like we will be finishing out the month, and that will be the end.

I am really sad.  I love training under Ben and Mario.  I will still be seeing Ben at Fabio's, but Mario said he is done with Jiujitsu all together.

The whole thing makes me sad....  I am sad that I won't be Ben's student anymore....  He gave me my first stripe.  I just always thought that he would be the one who gave me the rest of the stripes I may or may not eventually earn.  lol  Don't get me wrong, I love Fabio, and I really feel it is an honor to be one of his students.  He is an fantastic teacher, an awesome person, and I love training under him....  but... I dunno.  I'm just sad.

I'm also sad that Mario is quitting.  I won't see him anymore.  Both of those things make me sad....  Mario said he is burnt out.  He has been doing it a long time, and maybe it has lost the attraction for him.  I can't imagine ever getting to that point, and I am sad he is.... I am going to miss him.

I am just really, really bummed out.


  1. I feel ya, sista! Thanks for my "strawberry beverage" last night. I hope this works out a different way thank it seems like it's going to right now.

  2. Indeed.

    And you are welcome for the Strawberry beverage. =)