Saturday, February 6, 2010

No-gi doesn't mean naked!

I have to take my kids with me on Saturday mornings if I want to get to class, so of course, I do.

Normally it goes pretty well, and this morning it was going about the same as usual.  Zaile randomly inquires about my general well being.  She gets a little concerned when she sees people sitting on me, or twist my body into unnatural positions.   Micah, aside from his random whining, doesn't give me too much trouble.

So, my second or third grapple this morning was with Mario, one of my instructors.  About half way through, while being rolled over Mario's shoulder I caught sight of Zaile.  She was standing on the edge of the mat, stark naked, waving her clothes through the air like pom-poms.

I'm not quite sure how much time was left for that roll, but I had to get up and run my naked kid out of the room and re-dress her.

Thankfully she kept her clothes on for the rest of class.

So, I went no-gi today, and Zaile went naked.  Nice.  =)

Other highlights from class -

We had seven grapples!  WOOHOO!  We almost never have that many.  I grappled everyone who showed up this morning.  We had a small class, and two people sat out of the grappling.  It was nice to roll with so many different people on the same morning.  We have a 120 pound 15 year old to a 230-ish guy...  Nice range of bodies to roll with.

I went no-gi this morning.  I washed my gi last night, and for some reason it did not rinse off well in the washer.  I could literally flake detergent off of it.. and I wasn't about to get all sweaty in it.  Detergent irritates my fingers if I get it on me while I am doing laundry.

I did not realize just how much gi I grab when I grapple until I tried not to do it.  Going no gi, I didn't want to be a jerk and collar choke someone when I had no collar for them to return the favor... So, I tried not to grab sleeves and pants... (Except for when I rolled with my instructors.  I asked if it was okay that I used their gis, and of course they said it was fine.)  Anyway, it was almost impossible to NOT grab gi.  It has been a really long time since I've gone no gi.  It was kind of fun... and freeing.  lol  Less sweaty, less controllable, more feeling.  hehe


  1. That was hilarious with Zaile!!

    I think it will be fine with no gi because the gi won't even be there as a temptation to grab and they won't have anything to hold onto of yours either.

  2. Oh my! That would have been distracting.

    Thank you for the story.

  3. LOL, aren't kids great? :P Some of the guys sometimes have to bring their kids to class, and the kids almost always manage something funny.

    I find I sometimes have to put my gis through the extra rinse cycle.

  4. LOL, I have kids and that story sounds all to real. Now I'm afraid I've jinxed myself. I guess I won't be taking my kids anytime soon. :)

  5. Hahahaha That image made me literally laugh out loud. I love it.