Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Broken toe.

I broke my toe tonight.

I can live with it, but I is there anything in particular I should do with it?

Tape it to my other toe, ice and elevate.

That pretty much covers it right?


  1. A little toe? Yeah, that's all you can do. (Big toes require casts, so I've heard.)

    Tape it up good at first, and give it a few days to let it set. (I'm not very patient and/or brilliant, so I'm usually back on the mats within a week at most. A little extra tape, and I'm mostly good to go.)

    You can go to a doctor; they might be able to tape it up straighter. But all my little toes are really little, so I don't think it makes much of a difference. They're still mostly straight =P

  2. Thanks Leslie.

    I talked to my instructor today and he doesn't think it is broken. PHEW! Just jammed pretty badly, and he helped me to tape it up properly, and it already feels better. I am going to keep icing it, and keeping it up to relieve some of the swelling and hopefully some of the pressure as well.

    My only concern is NAGA... Or at least the take down part of the competition. I think once we get on the mat my toe will be out of danger. lol