Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flying Blind

Last night Allie and I tried to grapple with our eyes closed.  It was really interesting.  We ended up in a lot of positions we'd never been in before... not so much luck with the submissions, but it was a lot of fun.  We are going to try to do it again next time we roll in class, but perhaps nest time, one will have their eyes open and just move, the other will have to react with their eyes closed.  But once we are both up to 100% we'll start going hard to prepare for our next competitions.  She has a bum shoulder, and I have my toe and ribs.

Oh, and speaking of competitions.. Other things that happened at NAGA that I forgot to mention...

You know my whole shorts fiasco... Well, there was a vendor at NAGA, Tuf Chik, and they had cute fight shorts for 20 bucks.  They retail for 60...  So, I got a pair, and fought in them.  They were comfortable, and I didn't notice them at all while I was grappling, so that is a win in my book.  Yay.

I also ran into a few of the girls I fought last time.  I didn't have to fight either of them, as they were in the same weight class, and I dropped, but one was very nice.  She sat on the side lines and cheered for me when I fought. The other was kind of stank.  I wished her good luck as she went in for one of her no gi matches and she looked at me like I a moron.  It was nice to see them again though, and I hope I see them next time too.  Perhaps I will be middle weigh again, and get another go at them.  hehe  =)

There was also this little girl, who remembered me from last time.  It was pretty cute.  She ran over to me when I saw her, and she was SO excited to see me again.  It was sweet.  =)  She is probably 7 or 8, and she competes as well, but I have yet to see her fight.  I wish I knew her name... but I am going to look for her next time.

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