Saturday, February 27, 2010

Epic Fail

I posted earlier this month about feeling off...  It has gotten better since then, but today was probably the worst class I've had in a long time.... possibly ever.  I was on the verge of tears at the end of class.  Normally, on my bad days I just feel like I hadn't grappled the way I know I should have... but today I just felt flat out dominated all day.  People who I should be able to control were ALL OVER ME.  I know I was trying to work this triangle thing from inside someone's side control, and to work that, I pretty much have to let someone pass into side control, but once people got there, I couldn't close the triangle, I couldn't escape... I couldn't do anything.  I sat in someone's side control almost every grapple.  It was beyond frustrating!

For some reason, I have latched onto this triangle, and I want to work it into my game SO badly.  If someone gets me into their side control I can almost always get the triangle, I land it at least once or twice every class, but I can never close it.  I've asked Ben about it probably two or three times now, and today after class I think I may have found what I am doing wrong.... so I am going to try to work with it on Monday too.... but this time I am not going to give up side control to try it... I will just try it if I get there.  I can't take another night of being locked up in side control.

I will get this stupid triangle down.  I know the triangle is close-able.  When Ben was showing me somethings about it after class he closed it so super tight it made me do that gaggy thing... Granted, he is a big brown belt guy, but I should be able to do it too if I can get the technique right.

It is now to the point that I have to learn how to close it for my own sanity.  It is driving me crazy!


The one good thing about having had such a bad day is now I am SO fired up for Monday night.  I want to make up for my epic failure on the mat today.... but sadly my biggest gap between classes is Saturday morning to Monday night.


  1. Maybe you should practice with Allie, she seems willing to get triangled. ;)

  2. Hahaha, yeah, getting triangled is my specialty.

  3. Also, you didn't do bad. At least, not in your grapple with me. Don't be too hard on yourself! (This coming from someone who makes a daily habit out of self deprecation.)

  4. Hahaha! I could practice it, or at least practice the position with her. I just wanted to try it in a live grapple. It's always different when you do it to someone who A. Doesn't know it is comming, and B. Tries really hard to keep you from doing it. lol

    Though, practicing the position may just been what I need. I need to figure out where to push, or where to pull to close the dang triangle. Maybe once I figure that part out exactly I could actually finish it for once! BLARG!

  5. Epic fail days happen. Lots. Most especially when trying new things. But hey, your goal was to get under side control first, so you got part of it right. ;)

    Also, you may have been letting them settle into a good tight side control too much before starting to throw the triangle. Then when you realize the triangle isn't there and want to escape, they've still got good control. Try setting it up before they get comfortable.

    Sometimes we're only off by an inch or two. In drilling, it's not much of a problem because our partner is cooperating and will tap (and will often, even unconsciously, shift to help us get the position). But in live rolling, they're actively trying to avoid it, and that makes it much harder to use a new move.

    Try drilling it with progressive resistance. First drill normally, with a fully cooperating partner, to get the details down. Then have them fight back a little bit, and then a little more, and so on, until it's full-on positional sparring.

  6. Leslie is right, you need the progressive resistance. That's how we train at our gym and it seems to work well.

    btw, I got my first 2 stripes today!

  7. That is a good idea Leslie. I think I might volunteer Allie for that. hehe

    And Luara, WOOHOOOOO!! Congrats! That is awesome!!!