Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I untaped my toe today to look at it.  It looks SO much better!  Phew!

It feels a bit better too, but take downs are still a pretty big concern.  I suck at them anyway, so throwing a jacked up toe in the mix isn't ideal.  Ben did show us one last night that I think I can pull off.  It's sort of like pulling someone in to butterfly guard, but one hook in, one leg out, and you take the back instead.  You wouldn't get points for it, but it is safe for my foot and if I screw it up, I land with them in my guard or butterfly guard, and I am comfortable with either one of those out comes.

Then again, I could always just do my default take down - panic during the clench and jump guard.  That seems to be my thing.  lol

Oh!  And I am two pounds from lightweight.  I know I can take that off in the next two days, or I could just dehydrate a little... but either way, I feel like I am in the clear weight wise.

Tonight is my last class before NAGA.  My instructors think it is wise to let your body rest for two days before a competition so that is what I will do, but I am going to train as hard as my foot will let me tonight.


  1. Awesome, I knew you'd get down to the right weight. And it's good that your toe isn't too bad.

    At the tournament the girl I fought had a neat takedown, she grabbed one sleeve then used her same side foot to sweep out my near foot. It worked really well for her. I've got to learn more takedowns before I compete again. It's not something we train a whole lot.

    I don't know if you've seen this video

    She's going to be a tough competitor in the future :)

    Good luck at the tournament

  2. Take downs are my weakest of my weak points.

    My second ever live take down was at a competition. lol And before my first NAGA I got a private lesson on jumping guard... which is what I did every time.

    About a month ago we started to actually work take downs in class. I was talking to Allie about it, and we were both thinking that the take downs we had gone over seemed doable... and then she pointed out that the take downs themselves are probably not easier then the ones we did before, we just kind of sort of know what we are doing now. LOL

    I really would like to do an actual take down this time though. I lost both of the fights I lost at NAGA by 1 and 2 points... had I done a take down I could possibly have won those fights... ya know, provided them went similarly when we hit the mat. lol

    Either way, that is my goal this time... successfully execute a take down. Beyond that, I will be happy with whatever... and of course I would like to do well, but that goes with out saying.

    And I talked to Fabio, and he said I can train tomorrow too if I want, just to relax on Friday which is my relax day anyway. So, yay.. I can sneak in some extra cardio.