Friday, January 7, 2011

When you are paranoid about ringworm...

everything looks like ringworm!

There seems to be a small outbreak of ringworm, and I am now ultra paranoid that I too will become one of the infected!

When I woke up this morning and stumbled into my bathroom I had a bright red circle on my chest.  My initial reaction was panic, but upon closer inspection, I had slept on my necklace charm... It is a tiny handcuff, and it left a red ring impression on the middle of my chest.

So, thankfully I do not have a big red ring of disease on my chest... and have thus far remained uninfected.

  ... In my mind, I am pretended ringworm is really a zombie outbreak, and I'm avoiding it like my life depends on it... and I am sorry my friends, if you become infected and approach my door step, I will put my zombie gun to good use.  ... not really, but I am pretty bored, and I like zombies.  =D


  1. I'm super cautious about ringworm and staph. If I notice a rash on someone who's training, I ask them about it. Right now, I have a rash on my head(likely ringworm but who knows), so I'm staying out off the mat while it clears up.

  2. Today my friend's head has what to me looks like ringworm on the very top. He was showing us around his new apartment and tells us to WATCH OUT for a very low doorway. He SMACKED his head so hard on it he thought he'd gotten a concussion. It cause a round wound on the top.

    PHEW! Not ringworm, I thought.

    I once discovered ringworm on a girl--she didn't even know she'd had it--she was at a kids camp and there were little puppies and kittens and they were all playing. It was on her back and she couldn't even see it.

    I love the ringworm=zombies analogy. NICE JOB! :)

  3. @Dolph - I wish everyone had the same mentality. Some people seem to think, 'Oh well if I cover it up, I won't spread it around...' Which is how it gets spread around. lol

    @Julia - That seems to be what is happening here... Two people have had it and didn't even know it. One guy had it on his back, and another guy had it on the back of his neck. And sadly I grappled BOTH of them two days before they realized they had it. Though, if I have to get it, now would be a good time. I not going to be able to make it to class for the next week anyway.

  4. I don't think I would be a scared of ringworm if they called it ringrash, or ring-anything-else. The "worm" thing kind of freaks me out.

  5. I hear that. I remember when I was a kid I thought it was some sort of actual worm. A friend of mine had it, and I was TERRIFIED of touching her for like a month. That is until I learned I wouldn't get actual worms from her... hehe