Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey ladies, I need your help!

I need pictures and videos of you girls grappling, training, and competing.  =)

I'm making a video, and I don't want to just hijack your Facebook pictures and whatnot without your permission.

So, if you wouldn't mind being in my video email your pictures and videos to me at

Thanks in advance!


  1. Cool idea! Though, you know you can steal any of my stuff. Especially considering that a lot of it came from your camera! lol

  2. Here's a link with awesome photos from the WJJC. Enjoy!

  3. You can steal any of my stuff that you find, too. (Because then I can continue to be lazy and not actually find it and email it. ;)

  4. Ditto what Leslie said! My youtube channel is jiujitsu36, and my footage (along with a bunch of teammates') is on there... or you can scam it off my blog, or facebook... no worries! :)

  5. Dope! I didn't see this until now.

    Ps I give everyone permission to use any of my material so long as it's used in a positive manner :)