Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knee on Belly!

We went over knee on belly/chest today.

I'd never even bothered with it before.  I thought it looked unstable, and kind of weird, but it is not in the least.  Once you center your head over your hips, and post out with the leg that is not on the belly, it is totally doable.  I never can get to work what we drilled that day into that class's grapples because it is fresh in everyones minds and people are looking for it, but Monday night I am going to go for it.

I am really excited to try it.

However, I am kind of bony, and I am already bruising from all the shins across my hips.  Woohoo, for looking like a battered woman....  lol


  1. me too! (looking like a battered woman)

    I'm working on an all over bruise.

  2. Haha!

    I was going for that once... to try and make up for my lack of tanning. I figured the only way I would ever get some color would be to get head a head to to body bruise. =)

  3. Did you ever stop getting lots of bruises? Each time I go to class I end up with huge numbers of spots.

  4. I do get less now, but I don't know if it is because my body is getting used to the abuse, or if I just flail about less spasticlly. lol

    I don't bruise too easily though. My sister in law, who I train with will bruise if you blow on her too hard, and she said she has noticed she bruises a lot less these days.

  5. Your SIL sounds a lot like me, it doesn't take much.

    I am hoping for the day when I quit bruising so much.

  6. We have been doing it roughly 5 months, and it was in the past week or two that she said she started noting she bruises less.

    I have noticed I get less body bruises... but my legs seem to always have a few. Oh, and the bottom part of my arm if someone pinches it with their knee against the mat.. Ugh, I hate that!

  7. Me too (training about 5 months). I find that I am getting fewer squish bruises on my arms, but my knees, feet, shoulders and wrists are still taking a lot of abuse.

    Enough that it shocks the guys when they see my legs.

  8. Yeah, I'm the same way, Laura. Although I am noticing less bruising lately. I always have finger print bruises on my arms, though. ;)