Monday, January 11, 2010

I think I popped a rib last night...

Which means no February NAGA for me.  =(

I really hope I am just just hyper aware of it right now, and it's not actually as bad as I think it is.   I'll just have to feel it out a bit, and wait.

Best case scenario, I am losing mat time with a competition right around the corner.  =(

I am going to keep trying to get down to light weight in case I am wrong about my rib.... and in the mean time stop rolling with 200+ pound men.

It was nothing he did wrong, if anything it was something he did right.  My body doesn't like supporting that kind of weight, and the the front side of my left ribcage is just prone to injury.

I think I might go crawl into bed and cry like a baby.


  1. Hey, how're you doing?

    Last night I tweaked my shoulder again, right now it hurts to breathe. But it should be better before my first tournament.

    Hope that you are feeling better.

  2. I'm good... I have a weird non-contagious eye infection, but since I can still grapple with it, I don't care. lol

    I'm sorry to hear you hurt your shoulder. =( Injuries are the only down side of BJJ.

    How are you doing on getting down to the weight class you want to fight in? And did you talk to your instructor about competing?

    Thanks for your well wishes, and I too hope you are feeling better!

  3. I've decided that I am not going to get down to the next lowest weight class. Since I've rolled with male white belts who were up to 50 pounds heavier than me I think I will be alright. And so far only one woman has signed up. I have to do it before Tuesday when the price goes up.

    I told the instructor that I was planning on competing. A bunch of us 'older/mature' white belts are planning on going and competing at this tournament as our first. The coach will probably have his hands full.

    The shoulder is an old nagging injury from playing waterpolo. About twice a year I get trouble from it. Should be alright soon, but I'll just suck it up for the tournament if I have to.

  4. I agree. You will probably be fine with out dropping. I roll with big guys all the time too, so I can handle being the bottom of middle weight.. I just think it would be fun to toss the little girls around once. hehe =)

    My first competition there were 4 women total, and at NAGA there were 33 women. Only about 4 in my division's weight class though.

    Hopefully you will have a few more show up, and get a couple for fights.

    You have to tell me how it goes! =)