Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello wall.... Go away!

I appear to have hit a wall in my quest to lightweight.  ... and it is pissing me off.

I haven't lost anything in three days, and today, I gained!

I am going to have to up my cardio.  I am going to run (or walk depending on if I have to take the kids in the stroller) three times a day on days I don't grapple, and twice on days I do... and once on the days I go to class twice.

Cardio three times a day, no carbs after 3:00, and even though I am eating right I am going to start counting every calorie I put into my mouth.

If I do that, and don't start losing again there is no way my body is going to give up any more fat with out doing damage.


  1. It's just your body trying to adapt. No worries. Weight loss is not linear. You can go several days without seeing anything change, and then whoosh -- several pounds at a time.

    Doing more, especially cardio, might actually make it worse. Your body needs to rest and recover. Walking (or NEAT) might be fine. I recommend The Female Body Breakthrough (Rachel Cosgrove) and/or The Fat Loss Troubleshoot (Leigh Peele; this is an e-book). Google Leigh for her blog and online articles. Also, JP Fitness Forums for lots of help (sub-forum Fat Loss Troubleshoot, especially).

  2. Thanks Leslie! I will check those out for sure. I feel like I am going a little insane.

    I think I stress out more dropping a weight class then I do about the actual competition. Though, that may be because I love grappling, where as dieting is considerably less fun.

  3. You're working hard and I believe it will happen. You can do it!!