Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's pouting time...

In the past two weeks I've gotten a few too many injuries to not complain.  lol

At the Miami Open I broke my nose... and have continued to get kneed, elbowed and just generally smashed in the nose.  Granted a lot of the nose smashing is my own doing, and even when it isn't I am the moron choosing to grapple with a busted face, so it is no one's fault but my own.

Pardon my post grapple hair.

Then last week, I re-tweaked my left ankle.  I got uppa'd (spelling? Ooh-pah-ed) from mount to guard and it got rolled funny.

Ice, Ice Baby!

The very next day I did God knows what to my right hand.  I smashed the meaty part of my hand so bad the swelling and bruising bled down into my wrist.. to the point compartment syndrome was looking like a possibility.

The bruising is mostly in my wrist... the swelling was in my hand where the crushing happened.

A few days after that, we drilled half guard sweeps that cause you to roll over your own hand.  If you don't have your hand flat against the other person's body, it gets crushed.  ...So I crushed my other hand.

Then today I jacked my other ankle up.  I had a triangle set up, and the person tried to stack me to escape, so I just took him over, planning to finish the triangle from mount... not realizing how close to the wall we were.... We went over. his back hit the wall causing an abrupt stop to our roll... in exactly the right place to smash my ankle into my own knee where I had the triangle locked.  Horrible noises.  It sounded WAY worse than it was, but it hurts.

None of these issues would bother me, nor would I mention them except for the fact that I have all of them at once!  Gimpy grips... gimpy hooks, and I can't use my face for much of anything, nor can I escape triangles/some armbars without pain.

Not to mention the general day to day annoyances of being injured.



  1. Aww that sounds rough. I no longer feel like I have the right to complain about my various bruises and blisters. A broken nose is...well, so much more painful than a couple of achy knees. Hopefully you'll get better soon!

  2. I never realized how much I use my face in grappling until I'd exceeded my chin's tolerance for abrasion/pressure... I apparently was overusing it to help with controlling the far arm from cross side, trying for an americana. I scraped the bottom of my chin so badly on their gi that I actually bled, and had scabs on my chin for 3 days (including the day I attended a friend's wedding.. classy.) Rule One: if you have to try that hard for a submission, you don't have it.

    Heal fast chica :)

  3. @Reese - After the first few throbby days, my nose didn't bother me much at all unless I touched it. It think since it is a stationary part of my body it's much more manageable than say, a broken toe or finger. And thanks!!

    @Georgette - haha! I know! I use my face/head/chin a lot to make space for sweeps/escapes and the like.. and I never realized just how much I do actually use my head to grapple. lol

  4. Gi burn on your chin sucks, but worse is gi burn/mat burn on your eyelids. Yeah, I've done it. Thankfully not lately.

    I'm feeling pretty pouty today too. I've bruised up my left wrist pretty good and today at work I managed to slam a finger in a door.

    Hope you start to feel less sore soon. :)

  5. Hahahaha you ladies are making me laugh. I love your pathetic pouty broken-nosed face!