Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa - You better be watching.

I have not set foot in a gi for a week.  In fact I've only been to one class in two weeks... and I know, I know, that one class was the class I further aggravated my ankle, but I have learned my lesson.

I even have to wait an extra few days to get my foot xrayed because of the Holidays...  but I'm not complaining....   I am just mentioning it to make sure you know that even though, I really really really just wanna grapple I'm not.  I am being patient and taking proper care of my foot.  Surely that is worth pointing out to the fat man in a red suit who only exists in the minds of children.

Anyway - I should know what the deal with my foot is by Wednesday.

Ps. I would like to ask that only fictitious fat men watch me.  I generally dislike being watched by creepers.  Thanks!

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