Friday, November 18, 2011

High Ankle Sprain

I talked to Fabio about my ankle.  He thinks it is a high sprain.  I know Fabio isn't a doctor, but honestly, I'm positive he knows more about Jiu-jitsu related injuries than my doctor.

If like me, you had no idea what a high ankle sprain is, your can horrify yourself by reading about it here:  Core Performance - High Ankle Sprain  It is basically where you stretch or tear the ligament that holds your tibia and fibula together.  They are more sever than your basic ankle sprain, and about 50% of people who get this type of sprain often have recurring sprains, and 40% have long term ankle instability and pain.

Needless to say I am pretty bummed.

However, I am going to do the thing I was dreading.  

No, not die. 


I am for sure going to take time off until Monday night.  It will end up being about 4 days, and that feels like a lot.  Monday I will go, and only drill ankle safe things... but in reality there aren't a lot of things I can work.  Sitting down into my base is far and away the most painful, and almost everything requires you to get into your base at some point.

I guess the silver lining is if I am not grappling, I will not annoyingly and constantly be swept to the left due to my leaning tower of Pisa base.  lol

If I am in no better shape after a week of rest then I will go to the doctor.

-insert hissy fit here-


  1. Oh no! That sounds awful.

    I hope that 4 days is enough rest.

  2. Interesting, I think that is exactly what I did to my ankle. Unfortunantly I think I am in the 40% that have long term ankle instability and pain because I hurt myself back in Feb and I still have ankle pain :(

  3. @Laura - Sadly, I don't think 4 days will do much... but I am going to stay positive... and I do much better with short term goals vs long ones. I'll reevaluate Monday, and hopefully I will have some improvement.

    @BJJ Judo - That is what I am afraid of. Well, that and surgery. Did you ever have yours looked at? If I have no improvement by the three mark, I am going to go just to make sure I don't have a tear.

  4. No, I don't think 4 days will be enough. I just didn't want to sound bossy when I told you it wouldn't be. :)

    I sprained my MCL nearly 8 weeks ago and I am still having troubles with it. I had a set back tonight at the gym and am taped up again and knee does not like butterfly hooks right now.

  5. @Laura - Boooo!! I hope your knee heals up quickly for you. I think this stupid ankle sprain will probably be closer to a few month problem as well. *sigh*

    I did go to the Women's class this morning to help Allie out... however, I did absolutely nothing ankle related, and no grappling. So, I think I can still consider it rest. It wasn't at all more swollen or sore after class like it normally is.

    Actually it feels pretty good right now, but it normally does feel better after a day or two of laying low... and then I grapple, and then it is right back to painful and swollen.

  6. Never went to the doctor to have it looked at and I wont even consider surgery on it. I am 100% positive I should have gone to the doc but what can I say.

  7. Sorry about your sprain. My suggestion is go to the dr sooner rather than later. At the very least, when you find out 4 days isn't enough : ) you will have at least done something in the meantime. Perhaps they can give you a brace or take the MRI or whatever. It will get you moving on your way and ultimately keep you away from jiu jitsu for less time.

    Good luck and stay strong!