Monday, November 21, 2011

Who would like to hear how stupid I am?

So.... I went to class tonight.

My ankle was feeling good from having laid off it.... but my plan was just to drill.  I even got a nice fancy ankle brace that kept my ankle firmly in place.... metal rods and everything.  Wooo!

.... So grappling time. 

I grappled.  

This is what comes up when you image search 'stupid'.

The amzingness of the wrap that kept my ankle firmly in place resulted in my toes getting caught in gi pants because I couldn't turn my foot down, and as the person was breaking their hips to come around into side control.  My foot somehow got trapped awkwardly and bam... hip bone connected squarely with my heel while toes still stuck.

If there was any question to whether or not my ankle was severely injured or not.... it is now without question seriously injured.  

Even Fabio told me to take time off... and Fabio has never suggested that before.

Even when I came in with my ribs so injured I could not move my arm, he asked me if I was going to try and grapple.

I am really bummed, but I have no one to blame but my stupid self.

...Well, me and my awesome ankle brace.  


  1. I also cannot come in "just to drill." I will end up rolling, too, and aggravating whatever I was supposed to be protecting. *le sigh*

  2. Oh no!

    This time are you going to go see a doctor? Or maybe a physio?

    Hope you heal up soon.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry.
    Perhaps you can derive some comfort from laughing at my stupidity. When I looked at the "google stupid question," my first instinct was "elephant," too.
    get better quickly!

  4. Leslie - It is like a disease! I have to do it and I can't help it! lol - I am going to have to go to class in jeans or not go at all if I have any hope of not grappling.

    I talked to Fabio a bit about it today... He has an injury right now as well, his neck. He hasn't grappled in 3 weeks. I asked him if it was hard for him to come teach and not grapple... Apparently it is hard for him too, even now. He even said it is to the point now where if he doesn't or can't grapple it will begin to effect his mood.

    Laura - I am... but actually still have to wait until Friday because of the Holiday.... I just hope the x ray place will be able to squeeze me in when I go for my doctor squeezing me in. Other wise I will have to go to the ER and that will cost me 4x as much. Ugh.

    Shark Girl - LOL! I actually kind of feel bad for that lady. I've seen that picture about 100 times all over the internet. I can't blame her though, I would likely flub 1+1 if I had to answer it on national television.

  5. Oh, I forgot that it was your Thanksgiving this week.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Good luck getting yourself taken care of in a timely manner. :)

  6. So sorry to hear. Get well soon. Thanks for your blog. it encouraged me to start one of my own: .

  7. Nooooooooooo...

    That right there is why I stopped coming in "just to drill" after a foot injury. I never did it. Ever. "Played guard only." "Went light." "Rolled with small people." Trained every time. Now I just stay home.

    Heal up dude...

  8. D - Thanks! And that is so nice to hear! It makes me feel like my blog isn't all for nothing. hehe

    Megan - That is sooo what I had been doing for the two weeks leading up to my re-injury. Sad! Why is it so hard to stay away?! I've managed to not grapple all week though. Blarg!