Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Would you like to see my bones?

I have no broken bones!  

This will not be me! 

To be honest though, that was what I was expecting.  It did not hurt like broken bones.  Putting weight and using it for regular walking isn't much of an issue, and I assume if something in there was broken bearing weight on it would be painful.  Motion is what causes pain.. pointing my toes mostly, and pressure on the top outside of my foot is also painful.  So.  You know sitting in my base is a no no.

However, like I suspected I tore one of the five ligaments somewhere down there, and I have an epic butt ton of inflammation. 

There will be no huzzh-ing over this.  I am super bummed.

I am to lay off of it for 4-6 weeks.  But... I've already been off of it for two... Soooo... Two more and I will attempt to drill.

I will not be stupid about this though.  I've learned my lesson and I will treat my foot like the important limb that it is.  

Again, this is not me.  My feet are way bigger than this, and significantly less cute.  I do however, love my feet.  They are the things that invoke "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" my open guard. 

These ARE my feet though.  

What a boat.

Look at my giant size 10 hooks!  Bwhahaha.  Yes, I will find the silver lining in having clown feet.

I guess the white blobby area is inflammation.  Or at least this is what I am told. 

You have now seen my bones...

Carry on.

....Hi, Jimmy.  =)