Sunday, November 13, 2011

The coolest 12 year old ever!

Flash back to being 12.

It is your birthday... You get to have a sleep over with all your best friends.

I imagine my 12 year old self would plan a pretty amazing party full of cake, chocolate, caffeinated beverages, NKOTB, Lisa Frank party favors and SeaQuest DVS.

Wow... Really 12 year old self.. This is who you swooned over?!

Yeah, I realize this is titled 'The coolest 12 year old ever', but I wasn't referring to myself.... clearly.

The coolest 12 year old ever, happens to be one of the young girls who attends the Women's BJJ class.

She had a birthday party sleep over and I am sure it was filled with things equally as awesome as my party in the 90s would have been filled with, except current... and since I am not hip to the 12 year old girl scene, I have no idea with those things would be.. Justin Bieber?  Who knows.

One thing her party had that mine sadly would never even have considered was Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  Her sleep over ended with 2 hours of Saturday morning grappling.  How freaking cool is that?!  She also requested a gi for her birthday.  So proud!  lol  Very soon both of the 12 year olds in the class will be rocking Fenoms.  Wooo!

To be totally honest, I'm not an enormous fan of 12 year old girls. (Except the two in the BJJ class.  They are kind of exceptional, and I love them both.)  I was kind of dreading it.  I thought it would be a morning caulk full of giggling, refusal to do 'gross' things and/or pay attention, and lots of life threatening injuries.

I drank extra coffee, and braced for impact.  

But as it turned out.. It was really fun!

There was lots of giggling as I suspected, but surprisingly they all paid attention, executed drills, and grappled without complaint.

It really makes me happy that I get to help introduce these girls to BJJ at such a young age.  I truly they hope they stick with it... BJJ has a sneaky way of changing your life for the better, and I would love to see it work its magic on these girls.

I snapped a few pictures from the class, but then my battery died.  Boo.

Stretching, or worship?! 

Me and the birthday girl!

I feel like some sort of swooning redemption is necessary as I admitted I once swooned over the likes of KNOTB.  I was introduced to some new eye candy last night in the form of Henry Cavill as Theseus... and my mom always told me to share... 
And btw, Immortals... Good, not great.  Some nice visuals though.. special effects.. and uh.. otherwise.  lol


  1. LOL.... adorable shot of you and the birthday girl, btw :)

  2. I've not yet managed to convince my gf to go see The Immortals, which hasn't been helped by the shitty reviews. I'll probably end up watching it on DVD or something: I assume it is fairly stupid, but as long as it is buff dudes beating each other up stylishly with a mythological angle, sounds good to me. ;p

  3. Wow that is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I love it when kids do BJJ, it's so cute and the determination in them is amazing

  4. @Georgette - THanks! =)

    @Slidey - It was good, but it tried too hard in the plot department. It is for all intents and purposes a 'ooh ahh look at that' kind of movie... And I am totally fine with those, as long as they accept themselves for what they are and stick to it. It was good, but I thought it tried to add too much content it couldn't expound on, and left many plot holes.. which could have been avoided all together if they has slightly less plot.... and more wash board abs. =)

    SL - Isn't it! <3 It really makes me happy to see them love BJJ, and it got even more exciting recently when they really started to pick it up.

  5. That's really amazing! :D

    My instructor's daughter is 13 and she started BJJ too. :) By the way, regardless of the Immortals' reviews I think I'm going to see it, for my BJJ instructor is playing in it! Probably unrecognizable though; he's one of the stuntmen.