Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Poll?

Did or do you plan to wear your gi as your costume?

I did not...but based on the Facebook pictures I am seeing, a lot of you did.  =)  I love dressing up, so I always jump at the chance to do it.

I dressed up in neon vomit... Err, I mean in 80s attire.  And earlier this year we took the kids to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and I was a fairy.  Zaile wanted to be a fairy, and she asked me to be one too.... And then we got Allie in on it as well.

If you didn't wear your gi, what did you wear or plan to wear?  ... and don't say you didn't dress up.  It will make me sad on the inside.

Costumes are fun.


  1. I wore a cheerleading uniform. My BJJ gi is *WAY* too hot to wear to work. Of course theer are some who might say the cheerleading uni is even hotter.


  2. hahaha! I was actually thinking if there is ever a cold Halloween in Florida I would wear my gi. lol

  3. I'm not sure I would wear my Gi as a costume. :S it'd be really weird for me esp since I hold the gi in such high reverence.

    But I did dress up for Halloween as Lady Gaga!!! It's a plain costume honestly, but the hair and make up totally made up for it.

    Love your retro costume though! I think next year I really wanna try to dress up as Jem from Jem and the Holograms.

  4. I did wear my gi, but only to training last night. ;)

    There was supposed to be a halloween party on Friday, but unfortunately it got cancelled. I probably would have gone as a green chicken again, as it's become something of a tradition with that group of friends. ;p

    I love costumes, and fortunately my girlfriend and her group of friends almost always have a dressing up theme at their parties.

  5. SL - Cute costume!! Your make up looks great!! And Jem would be awesome! lol

    Slidey - I wore mine too! but to grapple in. =) I did wear my neon leg warmers though. hehe

    I've gone to a few murder mystery dinners this ear that required costumes ... It made me so happy. I hope we keep doing them.

  6. I was going to dress up for school (either a Roman goddess or Bat-Girl)but we had a HUGE SNOWSTORM and school was cancelled! Still no power at Shark Girl's house. . . . sniff sniff

  7. Thanks for the blog inspiration. I posted what I wore over here:

    I dressed as WONDER GIRL! Blonde wig, Wonder Woman boots (I know, not authentic Cassie, but wtf cares!), LED lasso of truth. It rocked.