Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Patches, we have a problem.

So, I found that awesome Super Mario patch, and everyone from church who does Jiu-jitsu got one too... We were going to all put them on our Gis and represent Mario. (and hope we aren’t an embarrassing representation of him.) Last night we mentioned it, and he seems to think it is a bad idea. Or at least that the higher ranking belts from his other school would give him a hard time over it. I am sad. LOL I really like Mario and want to put a patch on my gi in his honor…. But I guess I will have to put one on my bag instead!

I think I’ve gotten really lucky as far as Jiu-jitsu falling into my lap, and landing some awesome teachers.

Allie got hassled into going by some of the kids from her youth group, and she didn’t want to go alone so she talked me into going… and let me tell you how quickly I would have said no if I had ANY idea what Jiu-jitsu actually was. But I went, and loved it… and 99% of the reason I liked it so much was because of Brian. He made me feel completely comfortable, and made it Jiu-jitsu fun. (Hot sweaty no personal space fun?!) If it hadn’t been for him I would have never even considered going back… He has a new job and a lot on his plate right now, so he can’t continue teaching us. *insert sad face here* The guy who replaced him, Ben scared the pants off me the first day he came… as in .. “This man could kill me where I stand and I am not so sure that he won’t do it.” Though, it’s been a few weeks and I’ve gotten to know him better he is really nice and scares me less. Still scary.. just less scary. But he is REALLY good, and I know he has a lot to teach us.

Then of course there is Mario. I really like Mario, he is awesome. Though, like Ben the first time I met him... terror. lol I couldn’t be more comfortable with him now though. He is great… and always smells clean. LOL I wish I could say that about the rest of the class! Some of those boys smell… well, not good….they don’t smell good at all.

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