Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My gi is here!

I ordered it three weeks ago... and in that time, my Jiu-jitsu partner who ordered hers after me got two. Way to fail me Canadian post. If you have read any of my previous ramblings you may have seen my rant about my incorrectly sized body for gis. I am tall, and long… and I lack bulk. So, if the gis that will fitmy length were off by about 20 pounds… and in light of the weight I have lost, it is now about 30 pounds off. It is also very, very stiff.. and since it is slightly too big, the collar stabs me in the neck….it feels like a choke. That’s right… I am so not amazing at Jiu-jitsu my gi can tap me.

It is in the wash as I type.


  1. Couple suggestions.

    1. Women's fit gis... Atama makes some and they're cut to fit narrower shoulders and smaller chests (ironically.)

    2. Tailoring. Any good tailor can take in the excess fabric -- get a gi that fits your length and then lose the extra bulk around the waist, length at the hips etc.

    3. Stiff gis always a problem- go to and get their industrial strength fabric softener. I use it after dyeing gis and it really makes them feel silky.

  2. Awesome, thank you! I will check it out.. I really hate how stiff my gi is... I thought it would have loosed up a bit, but no...