Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Tonight I got my second stripe!

And like I always, I am happy Fabio thinks I deserves a stripe, and decidedly against receiving said stripe.

One of my favorite training partners got a stripe too, and in all honesty I am happier for her than for myself.  I love her to death, and she totally 100% deserves it! 

Erica America!! 

Jimmy, one of my good friends, got his first stripe as a purple belt tonight as well.  Congrats Jimmy!  Well deserved!  ....and then we made him an honorary girl and included him in our post class excessive picture taking.
You make a lovely lady, Jimmy.  Hope it wasn't too awkward for you!  haha =) 

And I still fail at the whole being serious portion of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  Good thing Fabio doesn't seem to care.

And congrats to Eddie, Cruz, Little Cruz, Gary x2, and Raul!