Monday, April 30, 2012

Flula Borg, I blog you!

For those of you yet unaware of who Flula Borg is, let me inform you...  He is the best thing that has ever happened to the internet.  Yes, ever. 

I feel like he needs a small disclaimer though.  He is the type of awesome that only awesome people like.  If you don't find him to be hilarious it probably means that you are lame.  =)  You can correct said lameness by watching more Flula.  So really, it's win win.

It is hard to explain what Flula does, so I will just use his words, "My name is Flula.  Like a Ziploc Bag I have many purposes:  Musik, Video, MC, Novel writing, Basketball, and yes Adventures!"

 And now I will show you:  

SPC is my favorite.  Clearly.

And I want to thank my friend Jennifer for being a party pooper.  For if this was not the case, I would be among the sad ranks of people who have no idea who Flula is.  It is her party pooping that lead to the discovery of this gem:

I had the pleasure of meeting Flula this weekend.  He very randomly came to Lakeland for PariahCon, and like the weirdo I am, I went to the Con just to see Flula.  However, I met a ton of really nice super friendly people.  Thanks PariahCon!   

And not surprisingly, he is just as awesome in person as he is on the internet.

And now, pictures.

   Flula was super cool about my excessive picture taking.  

 Trying and failing to be hard.  You know, like I do.

My new phone, (that Flula very awesomely made my voicemail recording for) doesn't take great pictures of moving targets and I don't think Flula stood still for more than a few seconds, so sadly my pictures didn't come out that great.  I'll have to bring my camera next time.  

Kara and I with Flula post show.  
 I love how terrified Kara looks in this picture.  

These are my favorite shoes, and Flula managed to make them even more dope for me.  

And look!  It's Flula's ass!

And now, you know who Flula is.  You are totally welcome.  I am just sorry it took this long for you to find him. 

 And now you may be asking yourself, does Flula beatbox like a triceratops...?
Are two bees in a bush worth five horses?

...Yes, the answer is yes he does.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I may die.

I have an epic coffee addiction.  It is not uncommon for me to have 5+ different kind of coffee creamers in my fridge at a time.

I got a new flavor last week (or so I thought), and tried it.  It was pretty good.  This morning, I thought I would use it again.

I opened my fridge pulled out the creamer and poured it in my coffee.

It was kinda chunky.

"Hmm..."  I thought, "That's weird."

But I stirred it in, and drank it.  Surely, it was fine.. I just bought it.  Maybe this kind needs to be shaken prior to use.  Tasted okay... kinda weird, but I chalked it up to the breakfast I was having.

Then I went back for a second cup.  Opened the fridge, pulled out the creamer, and turned around to my coffee maker.  The coffee creamer I'd just used was still sitting there.  I'd ever put it away.


Turns out, I have tried that flavor before and never finished it bottle...  It expired in March....
of 2011!

It is actually that small bottle pictured above... I posted that on TwitPic 419 days ago.

Normally I never have to check or throw away coffee creamer.  I generally just consume it well before the point in which I would need to toss it.  I never bother even looking through my coffee creamer when I clean out the fridge. I don't know how this one managed to get away from me.   

Side by side of my fresh and highly expired creamer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Good News:

My tattoo is finished.  I went in yesterday so Sean could check that it healed properly and touch up anything that may have needed touching up.

I am going on a cruise in three weeks.

Bad News:

Both my elbow and knee have been feeling like they could use a break.

I can not grapple because of my tattoo.


I am going to take a month off.  I can't actually grapple for thee weeks this month, and instead of trying to squeeze in a class here and there, I'm going to just take some time off.  I think it will be good for me as I have many minor annoying injuries that I am sure will heal much more efficiently and quickly if I lay off them.

Boo!  ...and also Yay! for the tattoo and cruise news.  I'm going to get fat and sunburnt!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am still alive.

I haven't blogged in a while, but that is because nothing all that exciting is happening.

No serious injuries... no life altering BJJ epiphanies.  Just grappling. And that is okay with me.  I will gladly grapple for the sake of grappling any day.

I will also blog for the sake of blogging, so here are some mostly non-bjj related highlights of my recent weeks.

  • I am officially in the masters division!  Woohoo!  My birthday was great ... I spent most of the past week eating... and drinking... much more than normal, but it was all in the name of fun with some of the most wonderful people I know... so I have no regrets.  =)  

  • The internet told me I look like Laurence Fishburne and Danny Glover.

These are some lovely gentlemen sure... but let's face it... No woman is going to be happy to hear, "Hey!  You look like this MAN!"  Especially when  one of said men is Laurence Fishburne, smelling what I can only assume is hot garbage water.  

It wouldn't have bothered me so much if it the internet would have just been, "You look like Morpheus!"  

But no.

I look like Laurence Fishburne smelling garbage water.  


And I thought we were friends, internet... I thought we were friends.  

  • My tattoo has healed nicely, and I been able to grapple for the past week and a half... but on the 17th I go back to have it recolored. Not that anything was wrong with it the first time around, Sean said he just wants it to recolor it once it healed.  So, I'll probably take another two weeks off after that.  Honestly the idea of taking another two weeks off bums me out, but for the sake of the tattoo on my shoulder that will be there for the entire duration of my life... I think I'll manage.

    And I think that pretty much covers it.

    Oh, and don't see Wrath of the Titans.  It is awful.  Just awful.  There was a moment at the end, where I thought for a second that Perseus was going to armbar Ares.. but alas, he did not... so every second of the movie was a epic snooze fest.  I'm getting bored just thinking about it.