Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Good News:

My tattoo is finished.  I went in yesterday so Sean could check that it healed properly and touch up anything that may have needed touching up.

I am going on a cruise in three weeks.

Bad News:

Both my elbow and knee have been feeling like they could use a break.

I can not grapple because of my tattoo.


I am going to take a month off.  I can't actually grapple for thee weeks this month, and instead of trying to squeeze in a class here and there, I'm going to just take some time off.  I think it will be good for me as I have many minor annoying injuries that I am sure will heal much more efficiently and quickly if I lay off them.

Boo!  ...and also Yay! for the tattoo and cruise news.  I'm going to get fat and sunburnt!


  1. enjoy it!! you deserve. btw the colors in the tattoo are gorgeous

    1. I think I will enjoy my little Jiu-jitsu vacation, or at least my joints will! hehe And thanks!

  2. You will not get fat in a month (though your brain may try to convince you of that) and you are very wise to take some time out and let those niggles heal. Chronic injuries are lame and can be prevented! Enjoy your time off; no doubt you'll be fiercer for it in the longer term.

    1. Oh, I won't get fat in a month... I will get fat in a week on the cruise! So much glorious food to be had! I think the fact that I will also be wearing a bathing suit for a week will be the only thing to keep me in check. Thank the heavens it is not a winter cruise! hahaha!

      And now that I've decided to take the month off, I feel like it was a really good call.. esp for my elbow. It hurts a lot more than I would have admitted otherwise.

  3. Beautiful tattoo!
    This is my strategy for not eating too much on a cruise:
    Watch kids eating from the buffet.
    Hope it works for you.

    1. Thank you!

      And that my friend, is a WONDERFUL plan! lol