Thursday, February 16, 2012

I think I forgot to mention...

I am competing this weekend.

In other, more exciting news one of the ladies from the women's class is also competing!  It is her first competition, and being so excited for her, I've been more focused on getting her ready than myself..  Oops.  lol  I've done this enough times to know what I am getting into, and as much as I love the really hard push in training before a competition I'm sure I will be just fine without it.

Not thinking as much about my own preparation this time around has staved off pretty much any and all nerves I have about myself.  The only thing I've been going back and fourth on, is whether or not to compete.  I don't want my competing to get in the way of being there for Madison. I am sure it won't though.  She will be in the teen division and will be done well before I compete.  

Super excited for her!!

Gooo Madison!!