Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Twenty five days until the Open.

My nerves come and go.

Yesterday, I had about 3 hours where I and convinced myself that light weight was the way to go, and pretty much wanted to choke myself out for waiting until the last minute.  However, I was brought to my senses by a good friend and fellow grappler who is a nutritionist.  Attempting the cut now would be bad for me in many ways.

And remember that wave of good I was running into.... I am still in the midst of it.  Huzzah!! It is giving me some much needed confidence, but at the same time slightly adding to my paranoia.

Either way though, I am seriously enjoying the preparation...   and that is really what it is all about anyway.

I just happen to give and receive joy via chokes!


  1. Screw cutting. Go crush some ladies with beast mode :) :)

  2. Ditto to both Georgette & Allie. I regret cutting for the Open last year. I gassed out way too quickly. You are going to do awesome - wish I could be there to finally meet you! Don't forget to have fun.