Monday, April 19, 2010

Top or upside down?!

I need to work my passing and top game.  It is lacking in comparison to my guard.

But, I also want to work inverted guard.  I can do it (not well) and have in the past, but I am not comfortable doing I don't.  I even think sometimes... I should go upside down.. but I don't because it doesn't feel safe... It feels like I will get squished.

I can not work my top game and inverted guard at the same time.

I am probably going to keep working my passing/top game on those who I know can school me, and work inverted on people who of are my same skill level, or below.  ...  Which will leave me working top game much more then inverted guard because I am a lowly white belt, and everyone is better then me.  LOL  Which is good because my top game NEEDS a lot of work, and inverted guard is just something random I want to work on.  Plus, I can't really work passing unless it is on someone who's guard I have trouble with.  As of right now, most people fall into two categories, I either can easily pass, or can not pass at all.  There are a couple of people who I have to work really hard to pass but can pass, but it's like two people.  Everyone else is either easily passed, or not possible to pass.  (Obviously the larger group is the can not pass.) Ya know, Gandalf and the Balroc ... "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"  ...That's me... the Balroc...

Maybe one day, I will be Gandalf.

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