Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy gassed girl, batman!

When I started Jiujitsu, I was totally an out of shape mom.  ... That being said, I have NEVER not finished a grapple.. .even when I thought my lungs were going to burst, and felt I was actually dying.  I always finished.

Not today.

I don't know what happened, we were visiting another school like I mentioned, and it was SUPER hot.  I grappled twice, and during my third grapple half way through, I had to go to my guard, and just hung out there.

My fourth one, I hit a wall..  like... I just could not move.  It felt like I was grappling in quicksand.  I couldn't really even defend myself.  The guy I was with, went for an arm bar, and after I tapped, I sat up, and my hands were shaking like crazy.  One of my teammates,  Phil, who came with from Fabio's came over with some water and asked me if I was okay.  I said I was okay, and took a sip of the water, but when I tried to turn around and get back to the grapple, I couldn't even hold my arms up.  Phil had to take over for me.  

I went out side to cool off for a bit... and felt like such a MORON.  

I've never had that happen to me before... never.  I don't even know what brought it on.  I know I have had to take a little bit of time off this month because of my side, and being sick, but I am assuming it has more to do with my body still having a lingering bit of run-down-ed-ness... and perhaps the heat..though, the more I think about it, it may also have been the fact that I didn't eat anything.  ...I'm such a moron. 

But man, if those guys can train in that heat, they are going to be machines in normal temperature!

I did have fun though.  I just feel like a putz for having zero gas.  Next time I head out that way, I am going to go to a night time class.  hehehe


  1. I gassed out too, Steph. I'm pretty sure it was the heat. I got leg cramps today and I have never had those before when I grapple. I think it's mainly heat and dehydration.

  2. Yeah, but I gassed gassed.... I had to quit grappling. I'm so embarrassed about it... but the fact that I STILL feel like crap makes me feel a little bit better about it. lol

  3. I gassed too. In my last grapple of the day, all I could do was sit in guard and try to choke the guy. I don't think I moved my hips at all. lol

  4. Trust me, it was not just you.. it was blazing and its usually not that hot. I thought i might pass out.. I rolled w/ Phil at half speed. Always glad to see you time, we will come out there.