Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some recent observations...

This is just a a few random observations I've recently made...

No gi - It sucks.  I grappled a guy no gi today and it was by far one of the most annoying things I've had to deal with grappling.  I had on short sleeved underarmor, and he was wearing a tee-shirt.  Normally when I go no gi, I wear long sleeved rash guards to protect my elbows.  Anyway, with both of us being a bit sweaty, I could NOT for the life of me create any traction with my arms against his arms or legs.  So, I will be 100% sure to always bring my long sleeved underarmor to competition from now on.

Cutting weight - I will never do it again.  When we went to South Shore, I had not eaten breakfast...  Not on purpose or anything, I just had a hectic morning... then we had to meet up, and travel and we didn't start grappling until about 1:30 - 2:00.  And like I said in my previous blog... I hit a wall like you would not believe.  I think the heat may have been a factor, but it may also have been that I'd not eaten.  Annoying?  Yes... but it did teach me that food is important for grappling.  This last NAGA I cut weight, and didn't eat anything all day... Then I grappled.  It was fine, but I really didn't have much trouble in the novice division..  But this time I did have to work, and it drained me.  I'd already decided I wouldn't cut weight again, but this cemented it.  I would be SO angry with myself if I hit a wall in a competition because I wanted to cut weight.

Wrestlers - They are interesting when they first start BJJ.  One of our purple belts is also a wrestling coach.  One of his students came to class night and that kid gave up his back, and suck his neck out like a turtle ALL night.  I understand the very basic of wrestling, so I know why he did it... and even during one of his grapples, he said "Man, this is like speaking another language!"  Toward the end of the night he was doing it less, but still... It was interesting to watch.

Big New Guys - Not so scary anymore.  Well, at least the ones who don't flair and panic when I girl is choking them out.  I rolled with a fairly new guy today, and was able to submit him a few times, but the thing I was most proud of with that grapple was the fact that when I sat out in side control I could hear and feel the air being squished out of his lungs.  LOL -  I that may sound kind of jerkish, but the fact that I could do that to a man who easily had 100 pounds on me, meant more to me then the submissions.

I also got a very nice compliment today.  "Man, you are really light, but you feel so heavy."  Only a fellow grappler would understand why that is a compliment.  lol

And oh look.. I managed to type out all of this and manage to say nothing at all.

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