Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm going to do it...

I really, REALLY want to go to the Pan Ams next year.

I think I am going to start myself a go to the Pan Ams piggy bank.

A year from now, I figure I will either be a good white belt, or an awful blue belt.  LOL  However, my driving force behind wanting to go is just to experience it.  Placing would just be icing on the cake...I never go to a competition expecting to place... I want to, but I never expect to.

I'll talk it over with my coaches... perhaps I should at least wait until the current Pan Ams are over before I start talking about the next one, but I will see what they think.

There is a small IBJJF comp here in May.  I plan on going to that one... I'll get a feel for the IBJJF rules, and see how I fare there.

I will make it to the Pan Ams one day though, if not 2011, then 2012.  My kids will be 4 and 7 by then, so leaving for a week would be easier on them... Zaile might be a little young next year to go a week without me... Or at least too young for her Dad to agree to watch her all week... Grandmas are available though.  I don't go away much with out my kids.  I've only gone away over night once, and that was for my first NAGA.  We'll see.... but I will make it there one day!


  1. Let's doooo eeet!

    I've been thinking, and I think 2012 is more logical... ya know if the world doesn't end before the Pan Ams.... lol