Friday, April 2, 2010

South-Shore BJJ....

....We are coming for you!

That might sound threatening if it wasn't coming from me.  lol

Tomorrow morning we are visiting one of our sister schools.  Two of Fabio's students opened a small school of their own in Apollo Beach.  If I am not mistaken, then opened the school 3 or 4 months ago, and all of their students have that much training or less.  From what I understand their students expressed an interest in rolling with some people with more experience... or at at least some of their girls did, specifically with girls with more experience.  (Though it boggles my mind that anyone would consider me any kind of experienced.) One of the instructors there, is good friends with Ben... so voila.  We are making a field trip!

I am really excited for several reasons.

I always love the chance to grapple a new people, and girl specifically, in a non-competition environment.

It is a branch of my home school, so I know that it will be a friendly gathering.  I think I might bake cookies!

And because Kyle teaches there.  Kyle is one of my very favorite people to roll with.  He attends Fabio's Brandon branch, and I the Lakeland one so I very seldom get to actually roll with him.  He is an awesome grappler, and he sweeps me from here until tomorrow all the while talking trash.  Friendly trash talk... I love talking while I grapple, but there are very few people who seem to share that love, and twice as many who prefer the opposite.  I've gotten choked for the soul purpose of shutting me up.  Admit it, your not shocked are you?

If I don't get to grapple him during class, I am going to attack him afterward.  Teehee!

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