Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, I know I am an idiot...

I went to class Monday night.  I brought my gi... thinking I would ask Fabio what he thought about my grappling.

He basically, said take it one step at a time... Do warm up.  Do drills.  Do technique. Then grapple llight if the first three went well.

I did warm ups.  Everything was fine.  Fine as in, no pain, but I could feel where I was sore.

Drills.  We did drills that had my partner basically using my side as a kicking off point for a hip out.  I opted to sit out of that.  (See, I'm not THAT big an idiot.)

Technique was a sweep from guard.  I did it once.  My side was not having it.  I sat and watch everyone else do the technique, then I took of my gi and pouted in the office like a big baby when it was time to grapple.

I almost cried...

I hate this.


  1. I completely understand how you feel. Sitting out sucks. Coming to class feels better until you realize you can only sit there, too.

    Do what you can. If it hurts, stop, because it'll slow down the healing process. When they're grappling (which, I know, is so hard to watch), take it as an opportunity to watch higher-level belts roll, especially with each other. Usually you only see it from the wrong side.

    I can only reassure you that you will get well and that you will be back out there soon.

  2. Thanks Leslie.

    Finally being able to watch my favorite grapplers roll all night is the one sliver lining to this. And after I pouted for a few minutes, I did go back out on to the mat and watch. Paul's fantastic sweeps and Doug's INSANE attacks from turtle cheered me up.

  3. Seems like the meds helped you a bit. I've committed to taking off this whole week and let my rib injury take a break. I know it sucks and sitting out watching the action is even more painful. I took a few days off to hang out in Miami... so that should ease the pain.

  4. Going to class injured WITHOUT training is almost worse. I messed my ankle really bad last fall, and went to class to watch for a few weeks. My mood fluctuated between anxiety, desire (not that kind), aggravation, longing, and remorse. On the plus side, it took the pain away from my ankle! Good luck, and I like the way you write! I'll be stopping by more often.