Monday, March 8, 2010

Kiss grappling...

It is like submission grappling, but the goal is to kiss other person face.  LOL

Another bonus of grappling with your best friend.... you can do idiotic things like this.  =)

I have mention before I am a touchy person... I hug and kiss everyone.  Allie on the other hand isn't so much with the kissing.  Not that I am kissing people on the mouth or anything... Anyhow, after class, I went to go kiss her on the cheek, and she defended my kiss as if I were going to choke her, and it went from there.  We got into a full blown grapple, except I was trying to kiss her, and she was trying not to be kissed.  It was really fun, and a great way to have no pressure grappling.  No one cared who was on top, or who was sweeping who... We just moved like crazy.  I did get my kiss though.  LOL  So happy endings all around.

Obviously, this is not something I would attempt with one of my male teammates.  That might get a little hairy.  lol

May I also say... OMG!  It was so awesome to be back on the mat!

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  1. You, madam, will receive a quick and powerful revenge for said stolen affections! My honor will not be thus compromised without retribution! ;)