Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I did it!!

I closed that blasted side control triangle!!!

Apparently the majority of my problem was an obvious one that Ben helped me figure out on Saturday morning. It is pretty much a reverse triangle, but I was squeezing my knees forward like you would in a normal triangle from guard.  I needed to be pointing my knees the other way while squeezing together... and I also was not creating enough of an angle.  I did both tonight, and closed it!

I got so excited, I said "Really?!" after he tapped, and then felt kind of like a jerk.  It was someone I had never submitted before and I get the impression he thought I was referring to the submission in general, but really, it was that I figured that one in particular out.... it has been my nemesis for so long now, I was just so happy to actually close it.  Either way, I am going to mention it to him next time that I wasn't trying to be a jerk, I was just so excited that I figured that triangle out.  I dunno, I don't want to be like, "So, remember when I triangled you.... "    Maybe I should let it go.  I just feel bad.  I know the person wasn't going 100% or anywhere near... so we both know it wasn't a real submission...  He actually is one of my favorite people to grapple because he comes down to my level when we roll.

Anyway, on top of that happening today I got help with taking the back from guard, and hopefully will be able to do that now with out feeling like a clumsy oaf.  To be honest though, even being walked through it, I still felt oafish with it.  Perhaps fluidity comes with time.  Ah well.... that is my new goal.  Learn to take the back with out feeling like an oaf.


  1. When you say side control triangle, do you mean this? As if so, cool: that's my favourite controlling position from side control, if I can manage to get into it. Which is a big if. ;)

  2. No, that triangle does look cool though!

    The one I am talking about is a triangle you can land when someone has you in a low side control. If they have one arm between your legs it makes it much easier.

    I am horrible at explaining things, but I will try. hehe But basically, once you are side controlled, you pull one leg in (if they didn't put their arm between you legs for you)and push their head toward you feet, swing your freed leg over their head, and close the triangle. Ugh.. I know that probably doesn't make sense. I can take a picture of it when I am well if you want to know what the heck I am talking about. Though, perhaps it is on youtube. I could go look. ... after all I should be grappling right now, but I am too sick! =(

  3. Ah, so you're doing it from the bottom?

    If I'm picturing it correctly, then yeah, I've tried that a couple of times, though I normally look to then attack the arm (and fail) or use it to help me escape (which has worked better, so far).

    I've never managed to actually tap somebody just with the triangle from there.

  4. Yeah, from the bototm. I guess saying that would have made more sense then in someone's side control. =)

    I got tunnel vision on the triangle and failed to realize the other arm is exposed until about a week ago. I finally closed it on Wednesday like I said, but I had planned on working the other arm if I could not. He tapped pretty quickly actually.. I was genuinely shocked... but up until then the only thing it had ever accomplished for me was an escape. People would freak out a little and make space, so I could escape.