Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay... I'm a little scared.

Remember my first competition...  The Second Annual De la Riva Cup, where this happened:

That girl, the one whose legs are securely preventing any blood from getting to my brain, Tania... she is visiting my school tomorrow.  

I am excited though.  She is VERY nice, and I like her a lot.  I'm just nervous about grappling her again, at my school, on my mat, in front of my teammates.  I feel like I need to represent and am worried I might not be able to do so in the way I would like.  Honestly though, my fight with her is still my very favorite of all my competitions... and I lost that one... by submission.  So I know I will enjoy grappling her again.

Either way, I am going to do my best, and enjoy rolling with some new girls for a change... and I do like being challenged... and while getting owned is never FUN per say... It is nice to get all the holes in your game poked at.  I just don't want a neon flashing sign pointing at me "HOLES IN YOUR GAME ARE LOCATED: Here, here, here and here" 

I wanted to come and edit something in...

I was thinking about this while I was eating dinner, and I changed my mind.  I'm not scared.  I am just excited.

She is another woman, who is also a mom, who trains Jiujitsu.  Not only does she train, but she is just as obsessed as I am, and she trains as much as I do.  With as small a community as BJJ is, I need to grab hold of other women grapplers... esp ones like Tania whom  I can relate to on more then one level.

I can't wait to see her tomorrow.  =)


  1. Hahaha, I'm right there with you. But I am trying to convince myself that this is going to be fun, even if she does wipe the floor with us again.

  2. She is fun to grapple..and it will be fun, even if we lose. I just hope no one is watching... lol.

  3. You and Allie are two peas in a pod, aren't you? :) Like I told her, practice isn't the same as a tournament. Sure, she got you with a triangle. The cool part about practice is it really doesn't matter. There's no "winning" or "losing" in practice. If she comes in with attitude and wipes the mat with you both, so what? What does that prove? Nothing - instead, look at it as an opportunity to learn from each other and to expand the community of BJJ players you know. Like you said, she's a mom, she's a nice girl, and she wants to train with you guys. I'm really interested to read the next posts. Have fun!

  4. @dev - hehe Allie and I are very similar on the big things, but our little things tend to be exactly the opposite. It it funny. For example, Allie plays more of an offensive game, and I play more of a defensive one. For a long time, she thought her sweeps were crap, but her submissions were good. I have crappy submissions, but my sweeps are good. Right now, she wants to to work escapes, and I want to work maintaining a dominate position. We are always complaining to each other about opposite things, but she makes for an excellent training partner.

    We look pretty opposite too.. I'm tall, she is short. I've got short black hair, hers is long and blonde..I've got dark eyes.. hers are light... You get the point. LOL But we have the exact same interests, and same nerdy sense of humor. I love her! =)