Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sit down and shut up.

When I first hurt my rib, I didn't not grapple like I should have.  I rolled less and went light.  This time, I am going to act like if I bend over, my ribs are going to snap in half.

I'm going to just do a s little as possible, and hope that it speeds my recovery.  

I took some of the pain meds I was prescribed yesterday, but I don't think I am going to today.  I want to feel what hurts, so I can avoid doing it.  I need to  I need to be grappling yesterday.  

I went to class last night, and watched.  Fabio let me be the timer girl.  I finally got to sit and just watch some of my favorite people roll.  I always complain that when Fabio goes with Ben or Paul I never get to watch because I am grappling.  Last night I got to watch...and it was awesome!  Fabio is insane.  Insane.  I am sure I sat there with my mouth hanging open like an idiot... and all he did was guard passes last night.  

He also taught a super fantastic choke from guard.  I hope I can remember it, and try it when I can move a little better.  Because A. I love chokes, and B. I love guard.  Chokes from guard = Happy.  

And seriously, I do love my team.  They are the best.  =)   ...even if they make fun of my chicken wing.   

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