Sunday, August 30, 2009

Worst walk ever.

I had not walked/run in two days, and both days I did not walk I failed at my attempt to eat right. I ended up having to eat out twice, and no matter how hard you try, it’s REALLY had to eat right when you are at a restaurant.

Tonight I was determined to at least walk… so I did…and it went badly. Normally I go a little under 4 miles, and considering that I am on the verge of getting sick, I decided to only go half that.

When I got to the first dead end, and turned to head back, my dog totally postured up, and started snarling at the darkness… and I could hear something in the dark bushes. So, I turned around and started heading back, while trying to keep watch over my shoulder for whatever was in the bushes. China was unwilling to come, so I had to pull her… and she wriggled out of her collar and disappeared into the darkness.. and then silence. I called her a few times, but I was unwilling to venture into the darkness myself… I turned to head home... planning on coming back with a gun and a flashlight. ..seriously. Running as fast as I could, I got half way down the street, and heard something behind me. It was China… happy as could be, looking perfectly uninjured, and completely unwilling to let me put her collar back on. So, I let her run up and down the street beside me, as I tried to recover from my sprint. lol When I got near the busier street I got down on my knees so China would run over to me.. and she did.. full speed… crashing into my eye with her skull. Thanks for the black eye. I was kind of hoping my first black eye would be from Jiu-jitsu… but no. My dog crashed into my face. Fail.

Once I had her back on the leash, I decided I was just going to go home, even though I had only gone about a mile.

Then as I was walking past creepy guy’s house, where it is almost complete darkness, I see two people… I figured I was probably fine. Most people going for walks aren’t psycho killers, and I had my dog with me.. and know minimal Jiu-jitsu. … but those two people were walking there three dogs.. not on leashes. Three 60+ pound dogs…. Who were on us like white on rice, snarling and puffing up. Of course their owners were shouting that they were nice, and would not bite me if I didn’t act scared. Well, China was very nearly foaming at the mouth, making the deepest growl I’d ever heard her make trying desperately to attack the three dogs twice her size. So, I was of course terrified… and trying not to act scared as I was instructed by their owners. Finally the couple made it over to us, and broke up their dogs, and went on their way.

Enough excitement for one walk right? No.

Well, as I was walking the rest of the way home, who stumbles down the road? Two drunk men. Awesome. Drunk men who decided to try and talk to me, and turn around to follow me.. in spite of my CLEAR lack of interest and China’s clear attempts to eat them.

Normally, I try to be nice. I will go out of my way to brighten someone’s day. I wave at strangers, chat up my cashiers at the grocery store… I like to be nice.. being nice makes happy. But with my sore face, cramping left side, and near heart attack my patience for drunken strangers was wearing a little thin. So, I stopped, turned around and made with the stankness, mentally preparing myself to let go of the leash and break the arm of the guy China was not trying to eat… but the stank worked. They called me names and turned around. Mission accomplished.

I just had to come and edit this in...

I went into the bathroom to look at my eye... and who do I see? Salazar, my snake... in the sink. It kind of freaked me out at first.. Ahhh! Snake! .. Then relief. Yay! Sally! I picked her up and sat down.. then BAM! She bit me right between the fingers. I don't think it would have hurt nearly as badly as it did if she got me on the hand or arm.. but RIGHT in the soft skin between my fingers... which also made for a really difficult time trying to pry her mouth off.... one handed. I think I hurt her. =( And I think I broke some of her teeth... or at least I think I feel teeth in my finger. I feel so bad. It is not her fault, she's a snake, and I think I smelled like my dog, and I know she was hungry.. she's been wandering around the house for at least a week. It is my fault... I just hope she is okay, and that I didn't do any lasting damage. I started to panic a little bit toward the end.. I got her top teeth out, but I could feel the bottom ones start to tear skin, and I knew it was hurting her…. Not to mention the fact that it felt like my finger was being crushed off…

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