Sunday, August 2, 2009


So, I started Jiu-jitsu. I went for the first time yesterday... and today my body hates me. lol Well, actually it's just my lower body. Lifting kids all day has apparently made the top half of my body not as wussy as my lower half... I would have guessed the other way around; my legs are where I am strongest... Oh well. I'll get used to the punishment eventually.

The other major adjustment is...Good bye personal space. Nothing like having a stranger explain the mount position while on top of you. O.O Though, the trainers were REALLY nice, and very professional. I wasn't uncomfortable with them sitting on me so much as the adjusting to people getting inside my bubble. It's my bubble and I don't like when people are all in my area. I've got two kids that use me as a chair, monkey bars, and bed all day a long so I am getting to the point where if you aren't my kid... get off me. lol I just get tired of being climbed on all day long. It really wasn't all that bad though; I did enjoy it, and got probably the best work out of my life. …and good bye personal space, hello skinny jeans is a fair trade if you ask me.

I’m going to keep going, provided the child care issue can be worked out.

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